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25 November 2020 | Event, Technology

Recab Free Webinar:
Vision, systems and sensors

Webinar- nov_Sensor-Id-Vison-Machine- start-to feel
Recab free webinar – Vision systems and sensors
Klas Bengtsson, Technical sales, Vision and ID at Recab describes the market for vision systems and sensors. Which techniques are most used today, which are in progress and which are expected to disappear?

We will also show a selection of our product range at Recab – Pre view of our selection 

Time: 30 min
Host: Klas Bengtsson – Technical sales, Vision and ID at Recab
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Read more about what we at Recab can do for you in the area within Sensors, ID and Vision – Projects and products.

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Webinar: Vision, systems and sensors


23 November 2020 | Marketing, Technology

Recab Smart City:
Develop flexible sensor-platform, and OT infrastructure to Smart Winter Roads project

Recab will develop and deliver a flexible sensor-platform, and OT* infrastructure to Smart Winter Roads project: Recab are going to develop the hardware, that will consist of a rugged Smart City sensor platform that can accommodate a variety of sensors and/or cameras for acquisition of environmental data like precipitation, temperature, humidity, wind force, etc. The project will also develop solutions for the public, to provide real-time local weather information and driving conditions.

A vehicle mounted sensor platform will also be developed for integration into the equipment carriers. This unit will gather relevant data from the vehicles themselves and the mounted equipment. Analysis of this data will provide the operators with information on the condition of the equipment in addition to documentation on the quality of the service.

Read more about the Smart Winter Roads project:  www.smartemjø
Read more about the Recab Engineering Team:

Contact Recab:
Trond Halden 
– Project Manager / FAE, Recab Norway / +47 48145924 /

Contact: Smart vinterveg
Pål Godard – Assistant Project Manager / + 94 81 90 17 /

Contact:  Betelo AS
Jostein Bjørkøy
– General manager / + 92 20 52 81 /

*“Operational Technology, or OT, is a critical network segment used by businesses that produce goods or deal in physical processes. Industries like manufacturing, chemicals, oil and gas, mining, transportation, and logistics all use specialized technologies to run things like assembly floors, production yards, and energy grids. The control, monitoring, and management of these systems have been progressively automated over the last few decades, and the specialized systems that perform these tasks are variously called Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA), or simply OT.”

12 November 2020 | Event, Marketing, Technology

Recab free webinar:
Vision, systems and sensors

What opportunities arise when we equip our machines with the ability to see and feel? Welcome to a webinar in cooperation with the association Automations Region and IFM Electronic.

Webinar- Sensors -ID Vison Nov 2020- start
Recab free webinar – Vision systems and sensors :
Klas Bengtsson, Technical sales, Vision and ID at Recab describes the market for vision systems and sensors. Which techniques are most used today, which are in progress and which are expected to disappear?

Jonas Lindgårde, Vision & Support manager, and Hans Eliasson, CEO of IFM Electronic, show how sensors and sensors can create value when the industry is digitized. They provide examples of areas of use and highlight opportunities with new technology such as 3D cameras.

Webinar- nov_Sensor-Id-Vison-Machine- start-to feel
Practical information
Date: Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Time: 09:00 to 10:00
Click here for registation

The webinar the webinar is held in Swedish, for an English version or other questions, please contact Klas Bengtsson

Read more about what we at Recab can do for you in the area within
Sensors, ID and Vision – Projects and products.

Link to the association Automation Region
Link to IFM Electronic

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28 October 2020 | Event, Marketing

Recab Free Webinar:
icom Data Suite

Get more out of your Insys router. With icom Data Suite installed you get access to a protcol converter, data logger and IoT Gateway all in one device. Everything is configured from a web interface and does not require any programming knowledge. Insys is also providing a free of charge test of all functions for 45 days.
Welcome to Recabs free webinar On demand: icom Data Suite – Agenda:

So what functions can you perform with icom Data Suite?

– Convert freely between different protocols, for example Modbus RTU/TCP, OPC UA, Siemens S7 and 60870-5-101/104.
– Gather data from control systems, sensors, digital/analog inputs etc.
– Process and perform calculations using gathered data.
– Transmit data using for example MQTT, FTP or e-mail.
– Save data in a local database, and export this as a CSV file for further analysis.
– Monitor systems and raise alarms when errors occur or if values pass certain thresholds.
– Remotely connect and control systems, switching of digital/analog outputs etc.

NOTE, in the webinar the function Data Logger is mentioned under Package 1. This function now belongs to Package 2.

In this webinar we will present the different building blocks that are included, and give a demonstration of installation and basic configuration.

Facts for free Webinar: icom Data Suite

 – Host for the webinar: Daniel Lundén FAE / Support – Industrial Data Communication
 – Webinar time: 45 min
 – For registration: Fill in the form below, in a few minuts you have an email from us with the link to the free webinar

icom Data Suite_Cube300x300_recab_insys

Swedish version/Svensk version: 

Välkommen till gratis webinar – icom Data Suite
Få ut mer av din Insys-router:
Med icom Data Suite installerad får du tillgång till en protokollkonverterare, data logger och IoT Gateway i en enhet. Allt konfigureras enkelt via ett webbgränssnitt och kräver inga programmeringskunskaper. Insys erbjuder även ett gratis test med samtliga funktioner under 45 dagar.

Så vilka uppgifter kan du utföra med icom Data Suite?
– Konvertera fritt mellan olika protokoll, bland annat Modbus RTU/TCP, OPC UA, Siemens S7 och IEC 60870-5-101/104.
– Samla in data från kontrollsystem, sensorer, digitala/analoga ingångar etc.
– Bearbeta och utföra beräkningar på insamlad data.
– Vidarebefordra data via bland annat MQTT, FTP eller e-mail.
– Lagra data i lokal databas, samt exportera denna som CSV-fil för vidare analys.
– Övervaka system och larma vid fel eller om uppsatta gränsvärden överskrids.
– Fjärrkommunicera med kontrollsystem, ändra värden på digitala/analoga utgångar etc.

I detta webinar kommer vi presentera de olika byggstenarna som ingår, samt en demonstration över installation och exempel på konfiguration.

OBS, i webinaret nämns funktionen Data Logger under Package 1. Denna funktion tillhör numer Package 2.

Fakta för webinar “Få ut mer av din Insys-router”:
– Värd för webinar: Daniel Lundén FAE / Support – Industrial Data Communication
– Webinar tid: 45 min
– Registering: Fyll i formuläret nedan, inom ett par minuter får du ett mail från oss med länk till det fria webinariet. 

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Webinar Webinar icom Data Suite

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09 October 2020 | Marketing, Products

Innovative designs in mission critical equipment

Recab and nVent SCHROFF’s customers face similar challenges. Across the board we have found that customers are being asked to meet shorter design cycles with fewer resources while still ensuring the inclusion of certified products that can withstand the harshest environments,
- Innovative designs in misson critical equipment.

Recab + nVent SCHROFF offers the most innovative designs in mission critical equipment
On top of those challenges, the customers are expected to meet mechanical and thermal requirements with products that are backed by SWaP design expertise. Not to mention a need for simplified supply chains and manufacturers that have a broad COTS offering and services under one roof to meet any application demand.

After seeing and hearing the challenges faced by both manufacturers’ customers, Recab and nVent SCHROFF have teamed up to offer the best of both their worlds in a single package. Recab + nVent SCHROFF offers the most innovative designs in mission critical equipment – backed by industry-leading technology that has been developed by two world-class organizations. Together, we form an unmatched group of rugged defense computing experts with a wide range of COTS products enabling SWaP optimized solutions.  Two such application examples are below:

Application: Recab Robust recorder
This application began as a regular 3U CompactPCI project. Once in place, the customer wanted MIL contacts on the front and a more durable chassis. Recab together with nVent SCHROFF then developed a solution with standard cPCI content in a durable box with Mil 38999 connectors. With removable SSDs and a few extra slots, this became a solution that can be equipped for different projects. Contact us for more info about the Recab Robust recorder Innovative designs in misson critical equipment

  • CAN bus
  • 1553 bus
  • Arinc 429.


Application: Customized Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)solutions
Recab together with nVent SCHROFF provides bespoke HCI solutions for customers looking to drive IT efficiencies throughout their business.

One of our areas of specialty is in delivering support for customers operating in environments requiring rugged hardware, such as the defense and aerospace industries. These are areas where computing technology not only has to be hyper-connected but meet tough certification standards and be resistant to among other extreme shock, vibration and wide temperature ranges.


Recab & nVent-Schroff latest innovation – Advanced Modular Computers product family;

  • Virtualized & VMware Certified Rugged Cloud Server for Embedded Defence Applications, deployed in Naval vessels.
  • Rugged by design, 3U OpenVPX COTS technology. Based upon standard 19” rackmount dimensions – shallow depth (below 300 mm)
  • Air-Cooled system, conformal coated electronics
  • Smart & silent 2U fan-tray with IPMI over Ethernet control & monitoring
  • Heterogenous system supporting;
    – Up to 5 x 16 Core Intel Xeon D
    – Up to 5 x Coprocessors @ PCIe x16
  • GPU:  Nvidia Tesla P6 or Quadro RTX5000
  • FPGA: Xilinx Kintex-7
  • Up to 40G Ethernet Blade-to-Blade Interconnection
  • Multipurpose scalable platform – computing, switching, storage and graphical processing.
  • Redundant power (AC and DC version available)
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) optimized design;
    – Add COTS HW resources when needed

This kind of application has a high level of complexity and, in the past, would have necessitated many different functions, each requiring an individual hardware unit. But IT infrastructure in these industries has come a long way. Now, Recab can provide customers with rugged and resistant hardware from the best suppliers around the world, like nVent SCHROFF with the simplicity and scalability of best-in-class HCI technology. Contact us for more info about the Customized Hyperconverged Infrastructure – Innovative designs in misson critical equipment

Extra info from us  – Read about our mSys-3500
A turnkey scalable CPU+FPGA hardware/software solution, for high speed, synchronized analog/digital data acquisition, typically used within “Big Science” physics community for high energy science projects as we also create together.

About Recab:
Since 1996, Recab has come to be known to provide products and services for Sensor, ID & Vision, Industrial Data Communication, and Embedded Computer Systems for demanding applications. Excelling in the defense and avionics industry, their design excellence within the backplane, PCB design, and overall system design has come to be an industry standard. Recab’s long history and deep knowledge of military and aerospace industry combined with their robust testing and certifications along with their reputation as embedded computing platform specialists have set them up for a great, new partnership with nVent SCHROFF.

About nVent Schroff:
A relatively new company in name – nVent split off from Pentair two years ago – but not experience, nVent SCHROFF has been considered industry experts in electronics protection and mechanics for over 50 years. nVent Schroff prides themselves for their innovative designs to better meet size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements. Whether their clients are in need of rugged, shock and vibration protection or help with increasing demands in thermal dissipation Schroff’s products supply superior thermal performance backed by thermal analysis expertise and design support.
Link to nVent Schroff
Link to more info about the HCI
Link to Recab´s offer in Defense and Avionic

For more information how we can tailor for you, please fill in the form


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07 October 2020 | Marketing

Project & HW Development Engineering / Field Application Engineering (FAE) – Denmark

As a Project & HW Development Engineer / FAE you need to be adept in your technical knowledge as well as your business skills. Your main responsibility and focus will be within development of innovative embedded Computer systems in a collaborative cross functional team’s. - The employment is located at the Recab branch office in Smørum, Denmark

Hire - Recab - new job - free jobs -Recruitment 600x300
You will be working closely with our Nordic and UK Engineering teams in benchmarking / debugging, test, setup and support of IPC- and embedded solutions, as well as being responsible for pre- and post-sales support activities. You will have to understand at depth our development and product features, tools and design flows and facilitate adoption of these solutions with a variety of customer systems.

Your task is to conduct Embedded System Design, HW Design, remove technical barriers to a sale and help close business. We expect you to be self-driven and to have a passion for embedded solutions, and quality in your profession. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills is mandatory.

Specifics Duites:

  • Stay on top of the technology and business to be an expert in your profession
  • Consult the clients through the process of design, testing and building on re-engineering and new product development projects
  • Interact closely with the leading technology vendors to understand the new technologies/architectures being rolled out
  • Proactively come up with Proof-Of-Concept (POC) designs for various use-cases/real-time applications leveraging the latest tools and technologies available
  • Drive the pre- and post-sales activities

Our Tools – Experience & knowledge preferred: 

  • Design of digital and analog electronics and components qualification
  • Schematic in Cadence Capture OrCad
  • Simulation in PSpice
  • Allegro PCB layout on review level and troubleshooting
  • Board bring up and troubleshooting
  • Production preparation and finalizing of prototypes
  • EMC/EMI certification for industrial/maritime/military is a plus
  • Mechanical Drawing / Flow Simulation / Heat simulation etc. in SOLIDWORKS is a plus
  • Product-Lifecyle-Management (PLM) workflow knowledge is a plus

Background, education and skills:
BSc or MSc graduatefrom streams of Engineering such as Electronics and Communication (ECE), Electrical and Electronics (EEE), Computer Science / Informatics, Embedded Systems or Cybernetics.

  • Strong competence within Electronics, PC HW/BIOS/FW, Networks, Mechatronics, EMC/EMI, Cyber Security, Windows/Linus/RTOS etc.
  • Strong experience (5-10 years) from HW and SW design and development in a structured and QMS driven environment.  Experience from Project Management and Project Documentation is an advantage.
  • Business and Sales – must understand the nuances that drive the sales and procurement decisions.
  • Market and competition – have a proactive drive to understand the latest products, boards & tools available in the market, and the ability to leverage the market intelligence while consulting clients on their product designs.
  • Communications skills – Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills along with the willingness to travel. English is the company language, and it’s a requirement to master a Scandinavian language as well.
  • Team working skills – working as part of the engineering team, as well as interaction with the sales team, suppliers and customers, is a key part of the role.

What’s in it for you:
As Project Engineer / Field Application Engineer you will work with both internal stakeholders and external partners/customers on leading edge technology. You will face small and large, demanding and exciting projects and customers. We have a large international partner network; We work with the engineers of our partners in Taiwan, Europe and the United States.

In a small company, you will be involved in projects from A to Z and will develop in several disciplines and establish relationships with HW / SW developers and product managers around the world. You become part of an offensive Recab Team in a sales-oriented organization with a flat structure and open sharing culture. You will have an independent position, with a high degree of influence over own workday.

About Recab:
Recab is a Nordic IT company with headquarter in Stockholm. We are part of the Addtech Group,
a listed technology group with over 2900 employees in 130 companies and with more than 10 billion DKK in turnover. Recab develops innovative embedded computer systems, industrial communication, machine vision & sensors for demanding applications.
Our main markets are defence & avionics, maritime/offshore, energy, transportation, communications, industrial automation, and science. We support world leading customers, and cooperate with world leading partners & suppliers, and world class quality is mandatory for what we provide. We are ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certified, and we continuously seek innovation, and systematic quality improvements.

Our vision is ‘Enabling World Class Applications’!

Recab Denmark is located in modern office facilities in Smørum, close to Copenhagen. We offer a good work environment, and the Recab Denmark facilities are included as a part of the Danish Addtech headquarter. We offer a good infrastructure and access to many good local Addtech colleagues.

CV, documents and / or questions related to the position can be answered by Managing Director,  Brian Ulskov Sørensen, Mob.: + 45 20 20 85 85

29 September 2020 | Technology

Recab: Bringing digitization to oil and gas – Reduce cost by up to 20 percent

The offshore energy industry, whether it is oil and gas or offshore wind, is one underpinned by remote and distributed assets, critical operations and harsh environments. As such, it is one of the prime sectors to benefit from digitization and embedded technologies to support improved maintenance and monitoring. Let us guide you through the topic - Bringing digitization to oil and gas

Oil exploration and oil and gas production require analysis of enormous amounts of seismic and geological data. Therethrough the need for advanced and reliable analysis tools is growing – both in terms of sustainable and value-creating decisions.

To maintain a high oil and share price, one is dependent on investments from the financial markets. Therefore, the oil companies must be able to prove that they do things in the best possible way.  And that the oil droplets from the wells go to the least possible polluting purpose. To succeed, the industry must dare to use the latest tools that new technologies bring to the table. And therethrough bringing digitization to oil and gas.

Create “data lakes”
New Technologies, is used to collect and analyze data for future innovation and supports the digital transformation. In the past, there were applications for everything, but now we see increasingly more people choosing to utilize the cloud. By doing this they create “data lakes”, which you can connect to with analysis tools. In this way, the customer can get the most possible business value from the enormous amount of data that exists.

International Data Corporation (IDC) made a prediction in 2014. They suggested that ten times the amount of data already created would be created in the next seven years..  At the same time, technology is constantly developing. And the development makes it possible to process and apply data through even faster processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Enormous increases in the amount of data has also made cyber security climbed higher on the oil companies’ priority list.

Cyber security in embedded systems
There will be an increased focus on predictive maintenance and cyber security, for sure. New standards for implementing cyber security in embedded systems are evolving, and soon to be ratified. We will see that more and more people move home services to have better control of their data. As well as that the insurance industry launches new products that insure companies against computer crime.

In order to collect all this data, modern embedded systems and Industrial IoT are required. The industry must dare to use the latest tools that new technologies bring to the table – bringing digitization to oil and gas.

The main application areas for embedded systems in the offshore industry

The nature of all offshore operations lends itself well to the potential benefits of embedded computing and digitization. Interestingly, one of the areas where we at Recab have seen a lot of projects recently is in offshore wind generation. Wind farms are high-tech and are an ideal Internet of Things (IoT) use case.

Only last year, a report commissioned by the UK’s Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult highlighted the offshore wind sector as lagging behind in adoption and understanding of digital technologies. We are certainly seeing evidence that operators are now addressing that and investing in edge servers for remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Involving unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
We also see projects for mapping the seabed using lidar scanners and/or cameras, often involving unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). When using UAVs, the ability to process the data as effectively as possible is very important. We also have more traditional projects for ships, either for navigation or for transmitting data. The value of embedded systems and digitization truly spans all offshore operations.

The key with each of these projects is to consider the environmental conditions. These conditions are arguably the biggest challenge for the development of embedded computing in offshore environments. These systems need to be IEC 60945 compliant, IP67 rated to protect against salt mist and water ingress. As well as being able to operate in a wide range of temperatures and pressures. Subsea projects in the North Sea, for example, will need to function effectively in the very low temperatures, as well as subsea pressure changes.

The reason why more businesses in this area are turning to embedded solutions – Reduce cost by up to 20 percent
The International Energy Agency estimates that digitization can reduce production costs in the oil and gas sector by up to 20 percent. According to auditing and consulting firm PWC, there is great potential for savings through more efficient maintenance and better operation of assets.

Both the upstream and midstream oil and gas sectors are characterized by distributed assets and infrastructures in harsh environments. They therefore require ultra-robust embedded platforms for the digital transformation challenge that offers a huge potential for cost savings. There is also further potential for savings in the supply chain. This is through the use of artificial intelligence and integrated platforms that connect organizations with external partners.

By digitizing save up to $1 trillion in capital and operating costs
By digitizing these processes, companies in the upstream and midstream sector can potentially save up to $1 trillion in capital and operating costsBy digitizing. Realizing this potential requires extremely robust embedded edge server technologies, such as those offered by Recab. Our IoT and solution-ready system platforms for solution providers, system integrators and end users are based on these technologies.” The industry must dare to use the latest tools that new technologies bring to the table – bringing digitization to oil and gas.

Our offer to offshore and oil and gas companies
In late 2019, Recab’s partner Congatec introduced a new rugged class of embedded edge server technologies designed for the digitization of the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry. The new embedded edge computing platforms are designed for extended temperature ranges, with optional conformal coating to protect against the effects of salt water or condensation caused by large temperature fluctuations.

In addition, they offer comprehensive server class RAS (reliability, availability, serviceability) features that enable OEMs to dependably manage thousands of devices remotely. As multicore designs with currently up to 6 cores and a particularly low 25W TDP, they are suitable for completely fanless and therefore maintenance-free 24/7 operation in hermetically sealed housings with the highest IP protection classes.

Recab´s Expertise in embedded edge technologies for harsh environments.
For us at Recab, we support with our expertise and experience in  We have been able to design and deploy embedded systems in several maritime projects where there is a need for an IEC 60945 compliant computer that is IP67 rated and resistant to salt mist. The sea simply is not the best environment for a computer. Therefore a lot precautions are necessary for a computer to keep functioning for many years.

We are supporting the offshore business with different flavors of embedded systems, including cost-effective and SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) optimized solutions based on our baseboard solutions for our COMexpress modules. These projects can be in a variety of applications. Examples are remote operated vehicles (ROVs) for transmitting data from cameras or lidars to process the data before it is sent to the main server. It can also be controlling the sensors in an offshore wind turbine as well as traditional oilrigs.
Choosing the right technologies and system partners will prove essential to success
In recent years, the oil and gas industry has reduced its staff and therefore some companies either do not have the in-house competence or do not have the time to do the development themselves and therefore they turn to us for a helping hand.

The number of units needed in the offshore business is usually small- to mid-size volumes. This is one of the reasons why it makes sense to work with a company like Recab. It is also a sector that is heavily regulated and that appreciates close contact and cooperation with the developing party.

The potential benefits of digitization in the offshore industry are clear: reduced production costs, improved maintenance efficiency and lower capital expenditure. As more offshore companies move to digitize their processes and operations, choosing the right technologies and system partners will prove essential to success.

For more information and support, please contact us at:  or fill out the form below.

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28 September 2020 | Technology

The sensors in Industry 4.0

Sensors are used across a wide range of applications. Some are simpler, straightforward solutions in our daily life.
Examples of these types of solutions are automatic doors, vending machines, elevators, car washes, garbage trucks and touch pads. Let us at Recab guide you through the different types of sensors on the market and and all the possibilities they enable.

Pic_Photoelectric Sensors Pic_Inductive Sensors
Today’s ‘smart sensors’ are an integral part of Industry 4.0 and vital components in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), providing connectivity and interaction within machines and other network devices. Often, they are combined with other hardware such as computers, cameras and switches to provide users with greater insights and analysis. Modern sensors are equipped with IO-links where the system check if the sensor works in a healthy way and alarm any type of error.


A world of variety

Recab offers a vast portfolio of sensors that are suitable for almost any application in any industry. Our experts provide customers with off-the-shelf products from leading worldwide suppliers, as well as customized solutions. Our portfolio covers:

Pic_Laser Sensors_1 Pict_Fiberoptic_sensors_1
Unparalleled experience and technical expertise
Customers come to Recab with a variety of different briefs when it comes to their sensor requirements. With years of experience in working with all the main sensors on the market, our technical sales team has built up specialist expertise which customers truly value. This means that we can assist not just in the sale of a sensor solution, but with the whole process. From the selection of the best product, right through to custom development and installation.

Sensors to fit any application
As with all Recab services, our engineers work closely with our customers to create exceptional solutions that meet the requirements and demands for the application they need. The experience and knowhow of our technical sales team, coupled with our best-in-class product portfolio, means we can deliver the highest quality customer experience in the Nordic region.

Recab exclusive supplier
Recab is the exclusive supplier in the Swedish and Norwegian market for global market leader, Keyence. Based in Japan, Keyence supply sensors, measuring systems, measurement sensors and systems, code readers, static eliminators and machine vision systems all over the world – and are at the forefront of factory automation. Our engineers have years of experience in developing Keyence solutions for the Nordic market.
We also provide sensors from other prominent sensor manufacturers such as Micro Detectors, based in Modena, Italy.


For more information and support, please contact us at:  or fill out the form below.

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24 September 2020 | Products

Recab: Your leading partner in technological applications for measurements:

The COVID-19 virus has made it necessary to adopt precautionary and containment measures, leading to the technological applications, within control and monitoring systems Recab its know-how and its products for:


Technological applications for measurements:


Detection_Thermoscanning-RecabBody_technological applications for measurements_1_Recab

The ultrasonic sensors

The ultrasonic sensors can be used to detect the presence of people, for example in front of termoscanners.
The goal of these tools is simple: to detect the body temperature of persons who intend to enter an open-to-public- place (bar, restaurant, cinema …), indicating the cases in which the temperature exceeds the safety limits.

In this way, customers will have the guarantee of a safe environment and will be able to visit the restaurant without any fear of their health. In the application described, the ultrasonic sensor of Micro Detectors it is installed in the upper part of the totem to locate the user in front of it, thus starting the temperature detection operation.

The ultrasonic products are based on one of the few technologies that operate independently of the shape and color of the object and is not influenced, for example, by the environment light.With the same system, this technology can therefore be implemented for those applications where it is necessary to identify the presence of people and monitor their inflow and/or outflow. Do you what more information about ultrasonic sensors, text us here

Sensors used in this application:
UK1 series -M18 cylindrical ultrasonic sensor UK1with Teach-In button

  • Models with adjustable digital output
  • Models with current or voltage analogue outputs
  • Working area adjusting (single point teach, standard window, adjustable hysteresis) by Teach-in button suitable for all models for a fast coming into work
  • Multifunction LED indicator: output state, echo presence, fw identification, teach block
  • Plastic or metallic (AISI 316L) housing, M12 plug exit and PVC cable



                                            UK1A/G*-**SY    UK1C/G*-**SY.     UK1D/G*-**SY.       UK1F/G*-**SY
Maximum sensing distance:
400 mm(1)         900 mm(2)            1.600 mm (2)          2.200 mm (2)

Minimum sensing distance:   50 mm                80 mm                   150 mm                 200 mm

Sensing range (Sd):            50…400 mm      80…900 mm          150…1.600 mm     200…2.200 mm

Beam angle:                              10° ± 2°             10° ± 2°                   15° ± 2°                   4° ± 2°

Switching frequency                 10 Hz                 4 Hz                         3 Hz                       2 Hz
– (digital output):

Temperature range:                                                    – 20°C…+ 70°C
Temperature compensation:                                                  X
Operating voltage:                                                          10 – 30 Vcc
Temperature drift:                                                                ± 2 %
Ripple:                                                                                     5%
Leakage current:                                                         10 μA @ 30 Vcc
Output voltage drop:                                            2.2 V max. (IL = 100 mA)
No-load supply current:                                                   ≤ 50 mA
Output current (digital output):                                        100 mA
Minimum load resistance:                                                 3 k Ω
  – (analog voltage output)
Set point adjustment:                                                 Teach-In button
Power on delay ≤ 300 ms:
Short-circuit protection:                                                      X  (autoreset)
Induction protection:                                                           X
Voltage reversal protection:                                                X
EMC:                                             Conforming to EMC Directive, according to EN 60947-5-2
Protection degree:                                               IP67 (EN60529) (3)
Housing material:                                        PBT/stainless steel AISI 316L
Active head material:                                          Epoxy-Glass resin
Tightening torque:                           1 Nm plastic housing / 50 Nm metallic housing
Weight plastic version: 70 g connector – 110 g cable – metallic version: 100 g connector – 170 g cable
Storage temperature:                                 – 35°C…+ 70° without freezing
LEDs green:                                                        echo – yellow: output

Hands detection in gel and liquid soap dispenser

Sensorns_Hands_detection_Recab 2_Sensorns_Hands_detection_Recab

The background suppression M18 photoelectric sensors without regulation (SS0 / SS1 series) or with regulation (FA BGS series) are among the most performing and efficient solutions for automated soap and sanitizing gel dispensers. In fact, background suppression allows the photoelectric sensor to operate independently of the color of the target object

This promotes, for example, correct detection of the hands placed under the dispenser, activating the release of the gel and / or liquid soap. Do you what more information about Hands detection in gel and liquid soap dispensers, text us here


Other possible civilian uses

2-SS_SS1_FA BGS sensors_Recab_detection_hands_SS_SS1_FA BGS sensors_Recab_

The SS0 / SS1 and FA BGS sensors can be used, in general, in all civil applications that require remote hand detection to be activated: taps and hair dryers installed in the bathrooms of premises, restaurants or motorway service areas. Do you what more information about ultrasonic sensors, text us here

Sensors used in this application:
FA BGS series
Photoelectric cylindrical sensors M18 direct diffuse with adjustable background suppression.

  • Up 300 mm adjustable reading distance
  • Cable or M12 plastic plug versions
  • Supply voltage 10…30 Vdc, output current 100 mA
  • LED light status indicator
  • IP67 protection degree
  • Complete protection against electrical damages
  • ATEX models, cat.3, available on request
  • Approvals: CE and cULus Listed


SS series
Photoelectric cylindrical sensors M18 DC with lateral adjustment

  • Models with side sens. adjustment on axial and right angle optic
  • LO/DO selectable output
  • ATEX models, cat. 3, available on request
  • LED status indicator for all versions
  • Complete protection against electrical damages
  • Approvals: CE and cULus listed



Sanitization systems with ultraviolet light

Refrigerators used in supermarkets, canteens or refreshment areas, can be sanitized by installing an ultraviolet lamp.
In fact, UV-C ultraviolet light is effective against most bacteria, germs and viruses. However, prolonged exposure by users can be harmful to health.

Therefore it is necessary to disable it in the presence of customers or operators. The cubic (QM series) or cylindrical (FA BGS series) and ultrasonic M18 (UK1 and UK6 series) sensors detect the presence of all those who park in front of the bench by temporarily deactivating the emission of UV-C rays.

Sensors_ultraviolet light_Recab_2.2_Sensors_ultraviolet light_Recab_

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24 September 2020 | Marketing

5 Critical Success Factors for the Industrial Internet of Things

In recent years, the evolution of automation technology together with traditional machine control systems has blurred the boundaries between the production world (OT) and the IT world. In our TechTalk: 5 Critical Success Factors for the Industrial Internet of Things , we will demonstrate how the two worlds can be connected by referencing real-life success projects.

Welcome to our supplier Moxa’s TechTalk:
5 Critical Success Factors for the Industrial Internet of Things
Friday, Sep 25, 2020 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM CEST

In this webinar we will look at the “TechTalk: 5 Critical Success Factors for the Industrial Internet of Things”. Our co-host will be Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH, and together we will demonstrate how you can add tangible value to your production process and lay a foundation for expandable and reliable IIoT/Industry 4.0 platforms with scalability and adaptability.

Our 30-minute TechTalk will focus on the fundamentals of automation technology and initial approaches to changing your business model. To make the most of this session for you, we will illustrate this by referencing real-life success stories of IIoT implementations in a dialogue in front of the camera.

Furthermore we will show hands-on how you can retrofit plants and machines with invasive as well as non-invasive ways, connect them to the cloud and create new business applications in the end.

Meet your presenter:
– Philipp Jauch (Moxa)
– Hermann Berg (Moxa)
– Benjamin Reder (Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions)
– Tuncay Gülfirat (Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions)

As a follow-up offer, these presenters will be your contact window for any questions through direct communication channels.

Agenda for TechTalk: 5 Critical Success Factors for the Industrial Internet of Things:
– Dialogue
– 5 Critical Success Factors forthe Industrial Internet of Things
– Hands-On Demo “OEE Connectivity in Production”
– Q&A

Moxa_TechTalk_Recab_.                  Moxa_TechTalk_Recab_lego

Link for registration: Fri, Sep 25, 2020 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM CEST
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