Advanced Modular Computers

Advanced Modular Computers. Starting with VME in 1980’s, Compact PCI to follow introducing PCI bus enabling today’s modern computing. Micro TCA introduced high speed fabrics like PCIe 10G Ethernet and 40G Ethernet and highly flexible configurations.

Lately VPX has become very popular for rugged systems, like Defense and Avionics. Combining very robust system architecture with high speed fabrics.

Recab together with world leading manufacturers have all items to build the system adopted to Your needs. From Chassis, SBSs, Switches, FPGA, Graphics  to Storage solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact you local Recab office for assistance.


Originally developed as a spinoff of the ATCA architecture and intended for smaller carrier-grade deployments


XMC/PMC: PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) is the de facto standard for mezzanine cards used in VME, Compact PCI and VPX ecosystems.



cPCI available in both 3U and 6U form factors this technology offers the latest and fastest cpu processor technology for applications across the market spaces.



VPX is the defacto form factor for new military and aerospace applications enabling the creation of high performance solutions within a compact space


VME, introduced back in the 1980’s is still very useful. The big installation base and many vendors gives a rich flavor of boards available.


Special Form Factor

Here are advanced modules in special form factors. Like Stand alone FPGA module or MIL STD 1553 analyzers.