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24 January 2023 | Products, Technology

White Paper – Achieving Successful IT / OT Network Convergence

Even in an organization where IT and OT people work well together, inevitably, it will come up:
Who is in charge in situation x? Does IT or OT have the final word on equipment and operations in the DMZ?
Who specs network-wide Ethernet equipment?
See experience - based best practices.
Hirschmann_Belden_Recab_Successful_ IT_OT_Network_Convergence_Experience

Executive Summary – Achieving Successful IT / OT Network Convergence
For years, office Information Technology (IT) networks and plant floor Operational Technology (OT) networks were wholly separate. On top of that, IT and OT personnel often had little to do with one another. With the advent of industrial Ethernet replacing fieldbus protocols on the plant floor, they now share a common network, creating valuable opportunities to combine resources and collaborate on goals for overall organizational success.

However, this network convergence also sets the stage for interactions – some might say showdowns – between IT and OT network personnel with very different training, experiences and cultures. The extent to which these necessary collaborations become adversarial or collaborative is dependent upon the approach taken by the organizations and individuals involved.

There is a great deal of misunderstanding about what convergence is and what it entails— for example, one group within the organization might be working toward the creation of one single, flat network while the other is attempting to segregate through technologies such as VLANs. The chances of success in this environment are low due to the steep learning curve and the opportunity for costly missteps when combining these different perspectives.

Fortunately, these challenges have become less necessary to endure. As more and more organizations converge their networks, there is a growing body of resources and best practices being published. Assistance is available through third-party consultants, manufacturer representatives and resources such as this white paper. This is a collection of experiences from Belden and partners who have helped many organizations successfully establish their own converged network. These insights can help you reduce your learning curve and benefit from a converged IT/OT network quickly and efficiently at your location.

Table of Contents for Achieving Successful IT / OT Network Convergence
Executive Summary………………………………1
What “One Network” Means…………………..2
The Benefits of a Converged Network……..2
The Value of Data…………………………………2
How to Design a Converged Network………3
Don’t Make Security an Afterthought………..3
A New Organizational Agreement…………….4
The Automation & Data Exchange (ADX) Engineer…..4
Encouraging Cooperation……………………….4

Download white paper 

Belden / Hirschmann IT/OT-CONVERGENCE WhitePaper


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23 January 2023 | Products

Code-free robot programming software for reliable robotic operations

Mech-Eye 3D camera "sees" target objects, Mech-Vision "understands" depth information of objects, then how to ensure flexible and reliable robotic operations without collisions? That's where Mech-Viz comes to play - let us present some examples.

How do you define “flexibility and reliability”?
In Mech-Mind’s all-in-one solutions, Mech-Eye, Mech-Vision, and Mech-Viz collaborate with one another to gain greater accuracy, flexibility, and reliability in robotic operations.

Mech-Viz is an intelligent robot programming software for more reliable and efficient robotic operations. With collision detection, motion planning, and other advanced algorithms inside, Mech-Viz enables robots to tackle demanding tasks with great stability, extraordinary flexibility, and outstanding consistency.

Mech-Viz offers users a code-free programming environment and a graphical interface to solve the most challenging machine vision applications through a simple operation. 

Core Advantages for code-free robot programming software for reliable robotic operations: 

One-click simulation that visualizes the entire motion path of the robot.


Powerful AI algorithms, including motion planning, collision detection, optimal grasping planning, mixed palletizing algorithms, etc., to enable smooth and reliable robotic operations and solve complex robot applications.


A code-free graphical user interface allows users to deploy applications without writing a line of code.
Support for almost all major-brand robots.
Multiple language packs for one-button switching of software languages.

Applications for code-free robot programming software for reliable robotic operations: 

18 January 2023 | Products

New Industrial 3D camera and software for intelligent
robotics supplier for
Recab – Mech-Mind

With the mature AI+3D solutions, You can create demanding robotic systems with 3D cameras that help you reduce errors and secure your production from day 1.

Industrial 3D camera and software for intelligent robotics.
Mech-Mind is an industry-leading company focusing on industrial 3D camera and software suite for intelligent robotics. Leveraging 3D vision and AI technologies, products who enable industrial robots to tackle challenging automation tasks. Typical applications include bin picking, depalletizing & palletizing, pick & place, and more. The full-stack product portfolio includes patented industrial 3D camera Mech-Eye, machine vision software Mech-Vision, deep learning software Mech-DLK, and robot programming software Mech-Viz.



System integrators can we deliver demanding robotic systems
Recab will be committed to helping global system integrators to be ahead of the market. We empower them by providing easy-to-use solutions at a competitive price. With the mature AI+3D solutions, system integrators can we deliver demanding robotic systems with ease for their customers. We can also offer comprehensive support for training, marketing, and project collaboration.

About Mech-Mind:
Founded in 2016, Mech-Mind has deployed 3000+ solutions in 50+ countries and regions. They partner with customers from various fields, including automotive, logistics, home appliances, food, and beverage, etc. such as:  


Popular FAQs for Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Camera:

Q1: What is an industrial 3D camera?
An industrial 3D camera is a camera used in industrial applications which can capture objects and reconstruct them from a three-dimensional image. It’s been increasingly used in diverse industries, especially in manufacturing and logistics.

Q2: How does the industrial 3D camera work?
Usually, industrial 3D cameras work with robots to complete various industrial tasks like bin picking, machine tending, assembly, inspection, measurement, etc. Industrial 3D cameras can be mounted on the arm robots to capture and collect 3D data of the target objects, which is fundamental for robots to execute further steps like picking & placing, loading & unloading, etc.

Q3: What are the main features of Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras?
Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras feature high accuracy, fast processing speed, and high-cost performance. Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras have full model options, which cover a wide range of industrial applications with diverse requirements on working distance, accuracy, ambient light resistance, etc.

Q4: What are the most used applications of Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Cameras?
Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras can be used in almost all common robot applications, including bin picking, machine tending, palletizing & depalletizing, automated piece picking, assembly, etc.

Link to other articles about Mech-Mind
Link to Mech-Mind

09 January 2023 | Products

Axiomtek’s AIE100A-ONX, an ultra-compact edge AI system

Smart City, Next-gen Robotics, and Autonomous Machines
- Let us introduce the AIE100A-ONX powered by the new NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ NX system-on-module. An optional waterproof IP42-rated cover kit is also designed for strengthening the protection of semi-outdoor environments.

NVIDIA Industrial computer –  ideal for solutions in harsh environments 
Axiomtek’s AIE100A-ONX, an ultra-compact edge AI system, is powered by the NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX module that features a powerful 8-core/6-core ARM® Cortex® A78AE processor delivering up to 100 TOPS of AI performance and integrates an advanced 1,024-core NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU with 32 Tensor Cores. Equipped with a 15W GbE PoE port, the AIE100A-ONX offers a ready-to-deploy IP camera with both power and video transmission. An optional waterproof IP42-rated cover kit is also designed for strengthening the protection of semi-outdoor environments. This AI-powered edge system provides an ideal solution for smart city, next-gen robotics, and autonomous machines.

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) into reality.
Annie Fu, a product manager of the AIoT Division:  “Axiomtek has been in close collaboration with NVIDIA in driving AI innovation at the edge. Axiomtek’s AIE100A-ONX is specifically built around the NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX system-on-module. It is integrated with the latest NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU and NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerators, which deliver up to 5x the performance compared to the previous generation,” Annie Fu continue with:  “With NVIDIA’s AI and accelerated computing technologies, Axiomtek continues to deliver advanced hardware platforms and data communication solutions for deploying AI to the edge, helping customers speed up the implementation of deep learning capabilities into their IoT devices and turn Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) into reality.

Axiomtek_AIE100A_ONX_Nvidia_computer_ Fanless_Edge_AI_System

NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ NX with 1,024-core NVIDIA Ampere GPU
High AI computing performance for GPU-accelerated processing
Ideal for edge AI smart city applications
Supports one 15W GbE PoE for camera
Wide operating temperature from -30°C to +50°C
JetPack supported
Supports 24/7 secure remote monitoring, control, and OTA deployment empowered by Allxon

Development for AI computing and deep learning applications
Axiomtek’s AIE100A-ONX supports rich I/O interfaces, including one USB 3.2 Gen2 port, one USB 2.0 port, one Micro USB port, one GbE LAN, one GbE PoE and one HDMI 2.0 with 4K2K. It will also offer support for NVIDIA JetPack™ 5.1 for ease of development for AI computing and deep learning applications such as autonomous machines, robotics, computer vision and more. For stable operation in mission-critical environments, the AIE100A-ONX has a wide operating temperature range of -30°C to +50°C and anti-vibration of up to 3 Grms. Additionally, AIE100A-ONX supports Telit’s LE910C4 series 4G LTE modules for faster data transition and more advanced IoT connectivity.


Download datasheet

Axiomtek AIE100A-ONX – NVIDIA Jetson Orin System-on-Module


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Link to Recab’s range of Nvidia products 
Link to Axiomtek

15 December 2022 | Marketing

Merry Christmas &
Happy New Year

A BIG THANK YOU to all customers, suppliers, partners and employees - we have create an awesome year together!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year -We look forward to 2023 and all the opportunities we have and can create TOGETHER.

If you want to get in touch with us during Christmas and New Year, 
– you can reach us at or by phone: 

* Sweden
+ 46 8 683 03 00

* Norway
+ 47 62 54 02 91
+ 47 96 90 22 11

* Denmark
+ 45 70 300 310

*Synective Labs
+ 46 8 683 03 00

 MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR from Your Team Players at Recab 

Embedded Computer Systems, Industrial Data Communication, Sensor, ID & vision
 – are all business areas where customers have high requirements for quality and performance.
By acknowledging the value of quality technology while working within cost, time and life cycle constraints, our engineers do what is necessary for each individual application to tailor the right solution for the customer – we tailor for your needs

The Engineering Team at Recab -The Recab engineering team has through years of experience with developing products established a successful and effective organization. Our engineers work closely with our customers to create exceptional products that meet the requirements and demands for the application. – see a selection of our solutions.

Quality at the best price every time
We have 40+ engineers inhouse in the Recab Group and through our partner network we have access to wide expertise, and resources.  Recab has always been about collaboration.
– “We don’t want to reinvent the wheel each time” says Recab´s Head of Engineering Gjernmund Slettvold   -The relationships we have built with best-in-class organizations of our suppliers mean that we know our clients are getting proven quality at the best price every time.”

Our goal is to always deliver high quality products, expert advice and support to our customers. If you want to get in touch with our engineers, please fill out the form below, use the chat below to the right, or mail us.

05 December 2022 | Products

Rugged 3U VPX Card with 100G Ethernet – MIL

For use as the system controller in high performance sensor based solutions in the defense space that are used in Situational Awareness, Software Defined Radio and RADAR processing applications.
Rugged 3U VPX Card_Concurrent_TR_L9x_6sd-RCx–Rugged_3U_VPX_Plug_In_Card_Recab

A new 3U VPX conduction-cooled plug in card based on the Intel® Xeon® W-11000E Series processor (formerly known as Tiger Lake-H).  TheTR L9x/6sd-RCx has been designed in alignment with the SOSA™ Technical Standard for I/O intensive processor boards by Concurrent Technologies.  There are two processor options: an 8-core solution fitted with the Intel® Xeon®

Up to 8-core processor for high performance
Up to 100G Ethernet Data plane
PCI Express Expansion plane for high speed communication with adjacent board(s)
XMC site for additional I/O resources
Optional M.2 module for storage with Write/Protect and Opal 2.0 compliance

Rugged 3U VPX Card  with SOSA™ Technical Standard
TR L9x/6sd-RCx has been designed in alignment with the SOSA™ Technical Standard for I/O intensive processor boards.  There are two processor options: an 8-core solution fitted with the Intel® Xeon® W-11865MRE processor; a 4-core solution fitted with an Intel® Xeon® W-11155MRE processor.  Both of these processors come with an integral GPGPU engine with 32 Execution Units which can be used for display or acceleration purposes using OpenCL™, OneAPI or OpenVINO™ for image processing or Artificial Intelligence.  TR L9x/6sd-RCx is the first processor board from Concurrent Technologies to support up to 100GBASE-KR4 Ethernet capability which makes it suitable for many future applications needing high throughput communications.  TR L9x/6sd-RCx supports a range of standard security capabilities including Boot Guard, Total Memory Encryption and is fitted with a Trusted Platform Module for key storage.  In addition, Concurrent Technologies offers an additional Guardian Package for enhanced security.

Link to Recab’s range of Concurrent solutions.
Link to Concurrent

Download datasheet for Rugged 3U VPX Card

Concurrent TR L9x/6sd-RCx – Rugged 3U VPX Plug In Card


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02 December 2022 | Products

Nuvo-9000 Series – Rugged embedded computer, presents an incredible boost of computational performance

A new rugged embedded computer based on Intel® 12th-Gen Alder Lake platform. Benefiting from cutting-edge Intel 7 photolithography, the latest Core™ desktop processor comes with up to 16 cores and 24 threads. Give you a great versatility by allowing additional installation of PCIe or PCI add-on cards.

Nuvo-9000 Series – Intel® 12th-Gen Core™ Fanless Industrial PC with 6x GbE, USB 3.2 Type-C, Patented Cassette & MezIO™ Interface

Nuvo-9000 series is Neousys’ Combining the increase of DDR5 memory bandwidth and PCIe Gen4 NVMe high-speed disk read/write, users can expect an overall system performance improvement of up to 1.8x when compared to previous 10th or 11th-Gen platforms.

  Supports Intel® 12th-Gen Alder Lake Core™ 16C/ 24T 35W/ 65W CPU
  Patented Cassette for PCI/PCIe add-on card accommodation
  Rugged, -25°C to 70°C fanless operation
  Up to 5x 2.5GbE and 1x GigE ports with optional PoE+, supporting 9.5 KB jumbo frame
  1x USB 3.2 Gen2x2 type-C and 6x USB 3.2 Gen2x1 type-A ports
  Supports M.2 Gen4x4 NVMe and 2x SATA ports
  MezIO™ interface for easy function expansion
  VGA/ DVI/ DP triple independent display, supporting 4K2K resolution

Great versatility by allowing additional installation of PCIe or PCI add-on cards.
Nuvo-9000 series inherits Neousys’ patented expansion Cassette design to provide great versatility by allowing additional installation of PCIe or PCI add-on cards. There are three expansion Cassette options available for Nuvo-9000 series, the Nuvo-9000E features a single x16 Gen3 PCIe slot; Nuvo-9000DE has dual x16 PCIe slots, and Nuvo-9000P has a single PCI slot. For users who need more flexible storage, Nuvo-9000LP has a 2.5″ HDD tray instead of an expansion Cassette to support a hot[1]swappable 2.5″ HDD/SSD.


An upgraded M.2 Gen4x4 slot to support the latest NVMe SSD
I/O functions are also comprehensively enhanced. In addition to six gigabit Ethernet ports with PoE+ PSE option, Nuvo-9000 series features a USB 3.2 Gen2x2 type-C port offering 20 Gbps bandwidth for data exchange with external devices, plus another six USB 3.2 Gen2x1 type-A ports for USB3 camera connectivity. It also has an upgraded M.2 Gen4x4 slot to support the latest NVMe SSD to boost disk read/write speed up to 7000 MB/s. For unfulfilled I/O requirements, users can utilize the expansion Cassette to add on function-specific PCIe/ PCI card, the proprietary MezIO interface, and internal mini-PCIe/M.2 interfaces.

With its field-proven thermal design, significant CPU and I/O upgrades, and multiple expansion methods, the Neousys Nuvo-9000 series fits your need for ruggedness, performance, and versatility for a variety of applications.

Link to Recab’s range/articles of Rugged embedded computer
Link to Neousys

Download datasheet here

Neousys Nuvo-9000 Series – Rugged embedded computer


Free download

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22 November 2022 | Products

Jai: Go Series 8.1 MP
UV area scan camera

Quantum efficiency at 200 nm is above 25% and is between
40-50% for nearly all of the UVA and UVB range.
Especially suitable for Electronics & corona inspection, Medical/Dermatology, Semiconductors, Pharmaceuticals & Security printing inspection.

Broad UV sensitivity
The GO-8105M-5GE-UV offers excellent sensitivity for applications across the UV spectrum. QE at 200 nm is around 25% meaning that even advanced applications requiring imaging well into the UVC spectrum are fully supported. The combination of high resolution and high sensitivity creates a wide range of possibilities for vision system developers.

Glass or glassless configurations
The GO-8105M-5GE-UV comes standard with a double-AR-coated, quartz glass cover over the sensor to protect the sensor from dirt and damage while maximizing light transmission. A glassless version (GO-8105M-5GE-UV-GL) has a protective glass cover on the sensor that can be removed by the user for applications where cover glass interference is problematic.

Small and reliable
The GOX-8105M-5GE-UV provides robust capability in a small form factor. The camera weighs less than 100 grams but carries shock and vibration ratings of 80G and 10G, respectively, to ensure that it can perform reliably in both industrial and scientific applications.

Feature for the UV area scan camera GO-8105M-5GE-UV:
 8.1-megapixel monochrome camera with 2.74-micron pixels and 2/3” optical format.
 Backside-illuminated Sony Pregius S IMX487-AAMJ image sensor with enhanced UV sensitivity to 200 nm and below.
 High performance GigE Vision 2.0 interface can automatically negotiate between 5GBASE-T, 2.5GBASE-T, and 1000BASE-T speeds as needed.
 Can be powered over the interface (PoE) or from an external power supply via 6-pin Hirose connector.
⇒ Small and lightweight form factor (less than 100 grams).
 Mounting holes with 21 mm or 20 mm spacing to fit most existing installations with no re-tooling required.
⇒ Industrial grade performance with ratings of 80G shock, 10G vibration, plus excellent thermal dissipation.
⇒ Available with quartz glass covering sensor or with user-removable protective glass for glassless applications.
⇒ Includes “Xscale” function supporting virtual, sub-pixel rescaling of output for greater binning flexibility or when matching the resolution and FOV of cameras in existing systems.

Applications where Go Series UV-sensitive cameras are especially suitable:

Electronics and corona inspection: Solar panels and other types of electronics may need UV imaging to look for signs og current leakage or other defects. UV cameras are also used to inspect power lines and transformers where non-visible “coronas” can indicate electrical problems.

Medical/Dermatology: UV lighting and imaging can detect damaged skin and subsurface issues at early stage before they become serious.

Semiconductors: UV cameras let inspections systems utilize extremely short light wavelengths so the smallest defects or surfaces can be imaged and analyzed

Visions system for track and track and trace, pill sorting, inspecting vials and ampoules, and many other applications, often need to be able to “see” invisible product codes, lo numbers or other markings.

Security printing inspection: Bank notes, passports, lottery tickets, and other similar items may use special security markings only visible in the UV spectrum

Download datasheet 

Jai: Go Series 8.1 MP UV area scan camera


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Link to Recab’s range of Cameras
Link to JAI

02 November 2022 | Products

Unique expertise:
FPGA Drop-in Replacement

As the industry keeps struggling with component shortages on just about every level, the shortage of electrical components is a significant problem for many companies.
Synective Labs, a Recab company, offer you a suitable replacement FPGA for any given design.

Shortage of electrical components is a significant problem for many companies
As the industry keeps struggling with component shortages on just about every level, the shortage of electrical components is a significant problem for many companies. 

In particular, we see a trend in the field of  FPGAs, where the major vendor’s last-generation FPGAs are now typically difficult or even impossible to purchase. Lead-times for new orders may be 12 months or more and prices at distributors have risen to up to 100 times the normal prices in some cases.

This has led to a trend of saving lead-time and sometimes money by replacing these hard-to-find FPGAs with newer FPGAs from other vendors who can deliver the parts on time and at a lower price. But this requires a usually non-trivial effort to migrate the FPGA design to the new target and in most cases also a new hardware spin to accommodate the new FPGA footprint.

Synective Labs offers a unique expertise within the FPGA.
As a leading expert in FPGA-systems, Synective Labs, a Recab company, have unique expertise and experience working with just about every tool chain and FPGA vendor in the industry. This includes partnerships with AMD/Xilinx, Intel/Altera and Achronix as well as experience working with Lattice, MicroSemi and Efinix. 

We can therefore quickly recommend a suitable replacement FPGA for any given  design and help the customer find the fastest way to migrate to the new part. 

We also offer our services performing the design migration, taking the old and new target FPGA’s unique features into account for an optimal solution. Finally, we can also help updating schematics to assure proper operation in terms of power, booting, clocking, reset and I/Os etc. as well as performing initial bring-up of the updated hardware in the lab.


Challenge for the Synective Labs team
In a recent project, one of our customers had the need to replace a 45nm hard-to-buy FPGA in a 7-year-old design. As the customer’s hardware had gone through some rather extensive qualification process, it would have been very time-consuming to re-design the PCB and re-qualify the hardware. Instead, Synective Labs helped the customer replace the older FPGA with a new FPGA mounted on an interposer-card which acted as an adapter between the new and the old FPGA footprint. This means the customer got a drop-in replacement component without having to re-design any other hardware or do any re-qualification which saved time and money. 

Synective Lab’s experts were able to migrate the vendor-specific elements such as memory blocks, PLLs, clock networks, I/O-buffers and boot-structure to the new FPGA’s counterparts and re-target the design. The Interposer assembly was then used as a drop-in replacement for the old FPGA in the existing product without any changes to the main PCB or the firmware.

Benefits for the customer
The benefits of this approach to the customer were in summary:
  Manageable lead times of FPGA component
 Reduced price for purchasing the FPGAs
  No need for re-qualification of product
⇒  No need for any major firmware or software update
 Better power and thermal management due to newer FPGA technology

Download the solution in a PDF

Synective Labs – FPGA Drop in Replacement


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About Synective Labs – The FPGA Experts
Synective Labs is specializing in FPGA technology and FPGA based solutions with focus on high performance systems. Our offerings range from development of complete systems to assisting in our customers’ development process, helping them to design better products. We operate in a wide range of technology fields like Automotive, Telecommunication and Image Processing where we have long experience and specific domain knowledge.

19 October 2022 | Products

”Embedded HW” delivery problems? – We have immediate product delivery for your project

At Recab we have continuous dialog with our manufacturing partners. Right now we can deliver direct to your projects and you can ensure your ongoing business - We have the solutions, welcome to contact your local Recab Teamplayer.

Immediate product delivery for your project 
We supply PanelPC’s, BoxPC’s, COMe Modules, Embedded Motherboards, 19” Industrial Server’s, including custom specific variants.

At Recab we have continuous dialog with our manufacturing partners, we can offer a short delivery time for yor projects, we also have the option to customize the products to suit you – see a selection from our partners who can deliver at short notice:
⇒  Neousys
⇒  Sintrones
⇒  Axiomtek
⇒  Aplex
⇒  JAI
⇒  Hirschmann
⇒  Keyence
⇒ Aaeon

⇒ Supermicro
⇒ Innodisk

Let us present a selection of products with short delivery time:


About Neousys Technology
Established in 2010, Neousys Technology designs and manufactures industrial grade rugged embedded computers and systems with core expertise ranging from embedded computing to data acquisition and processing.

Ideal solutions for automation, machine vision, transportation, GPU computing, surveillance and video analytics.

Besides the products Nouvo-8111, Nouvo-7000LP series & the SEMIL-1700GC Series,  can we offer a range of solutions your projects.


About Sintrones
SINTRONES is a world-renowned and ISO 9001 & IRIS ISO/TS 22163 certified company of in-vehicle computing system products. They are dedicated to provide our customers with high quality system products that meet international traffic standards certification, including EN50121EN50155E-MarkIEC60945IACS E10DNV and MIL-810.

Besides the products VBOX-361-IP65, ABOX5210G6-M12X and the SBOX2601 can we offer a range of solutions for your projects.


About Axiomtek
Axiomtek comprehensive product lines include embedded board, system on module, single board computer, embedded system, industrial barebone, network appliance, touch panel computer, human machine interface, medical PC, industrial network, and digital signage.

Their creative concept of integrated services for embedded computing assures trusted delivery and valuable system integration from board-level design-in to system-level design for vertical markets in automation, transportation, gaming, power utility, POS, kiosk, retail, network security, medical, digital signage, green power and much more. 

Besides the products CAPA500, MANO560, MANO0315, IMB530 & the SHB150R, can we offer a range of solutions for your projects. 


About Aplex
Aplex’s main products include HMI Controllers, Industrial Panel PC, Engine Box PC, Industrial Display Monitors, etc.

They apply to equipment automation, factory management, monitoring systems, and even automation in daily life. They cover logistic management systems, intelligent transportation management systems, building automation and monitoring systems, kiosk systems, etc.From common factory production to commercial automation, transportation, medicine, and so on, Aplex can provide related hardware platforms and complete service and solutions to meet customers’ needs in different industries and applications.

Beside the products ARCHMI-815AP/R(H), FABS-817P/R(H), ViTAM-919AR/P/G(H), ARCDIS-121APRG(H) & the AVS-520, can we offer a range of solutions for your projects. 

About JAI & the Go-X series 
Go-X Series from JAI. Compact, affordable industrial cameras designed to power the next generation of machine vision systems. Get low field failure rates, a six-year warranty, unrivalled shock and vibration standards and market-leading dust protection.

JAI provides innovative digital CMOS camera technology for applications in industrial machine vision, medical imaging and outdoor imaging applications, as well as complete camera subsystems for traffic imaging/vehicle recognition in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS). Besides the GO-X Series can we offer a range of solutions for your projects.


SUPERMICRO are committed to delivering first to market innovation for Enterprise, Cloud, AI, and 5G Telco/Edge IT Infrastructure. They are transforming into a Total IT Solutions provider with environmentally-friendly and energy-saving server, AI, storage, IoT, and switch systems, software, and services while delivering advanced high-volume motherboard, power, and chassis products. 

Besides the products IoT Super Server SYS-110PFDWTR, IoT SuperServer SYS-220HE-FTNR & the IoT SuperServer SYS-E302-12D4C, can we offer a range of solutions for your projects. 


Committed to innovative engineering, AAEON produces integrated Industry 4.0 solutions, cutting-edge AI hardware, and IoT solution platforms that seamlessly consolidate virtual and physical networks. They also develop hardware and intelligent automated services for premier OEM/ODMs and system integrators worldwide. There reliable, high-quality computing platforms include industrial motherboards and systems, industrial displays, rugged tablets, PC/104, PICMG and COM modules, embedded SBCs, embedded controllers, network appliances and related accessories. 

Besides the products BOXER-8221AI, BOXER-8230AI, BOXER-8251AI, ICS-6270 & the MIX-EHLD1, can we offer a range of solutions for your projects.


About Innodisk
Innodisk is a service-driven provider of industrial embedded flash and DRAM storage products and technologies, with a focus on the enterprise, industrial, and aerospace industries.

They pioneered Pin 7 VCC technology in the SATA interface, an Innodisk breakthrough that eliminates the need for power cables. This, in turn, enabled us to develop the SATADOM® form factor, a revolutionary interface-powered memory solution that has been certified by Intel and widely adopted by industrial and embedded system makers across the globe. 


Besides the SSD, M2SSD & the DRAM Memory Models we have a can offer a rang of solutions.