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1 February, 2023

Embedded Security – Serie of 5 movies

Recab presents a serie of 5 movies from our partner Concurrent Technologies. Focus area for the movie are "Embedded Security" - below you see a short presentation.   Below you see a short presentation for…
23 January, 2023

Code-free robot programming software for reliable robotic operations

Mech-Eye 3D camera "sees" target objects, Mech-Vision "understands" depth information of objects, then how to ensure flexible and reliable robotic operations without collisions? That's where Mech-Viz comes to play - let us present some examples.…
20 January, 2023

Launch: OpEdge-8D Industrial Edge Gateway Device By Hirschmann

The OpEdge-8D is ideal for companies looking to unite IT and OT data – from the sensor to the cloud. Designed for large, complex industrial networks with a growing number of connected devices, the industrial…
18 January, 2023

New Industrial 3D camera and software for intelligent robotics supplier for Recab – Mech-Mind

With the mature AI+3D solutions, You can create demanding robotic systems with 3D cameras that help you reduce errors and secure your production from day 1. Industrial 3D camera and software for intelligent robotics. Mech-Mind…