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Policies are an essential component of any organization. Policies are regulations, standards, procedures and most importantly the acknowledgement of the consequences of our actions and responsibility taking. Through our policies we both ensure and enlighten our customers and suppliers of our legal responsibilities towards them, and their responsibilities towards us.



Privacy policy for customers
This Privacy Policy (GDPR) aims to give you as a contact at a customer or potential customer to Recab AB (the ”Company”) information about how the Company handles your personal information.
The Privacy Policy also describes your rights to us and how you can enforce your rights. The customer companies with whom the Company has a contractual relationship or is about to enter into a contractual relationship with, are referred to below as ”Customers”. The companies that the Company contacts without having an existing or close customer relationship are called ”Potential Customers”.

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Cookies and Personal data policy
Recab AB, uses cookies on our website through which we gather certain information about the visitors of the website. Our Cookies and Personal data policy (in correlation to GDPR) explains which cookies we use, how we use them, your choices regarding cookies and further information about cookies. The Cookie and Personal data policy also incorporate the rights of our website users in relation to us and how said users can practice these rights through different options.


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