Ruggedized Systems

Recab have over the years built many systems within Ruggedized Systems where the demands have been harder than on usual computers.

Rugged system from Recab are designed and built to operate in harsh environments like tough vibrations, extreme temperatures, wet or dirty conditions. Often such systems have to be certified and examined by independent test laboratories to prove they fulfil the standards needed. Could be a standard that defines a Marine, Train, Vehicle or Defense system.

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Recab Solutions: Rugged ATR

Recab Solution: Rugged ATR is a example of a system milled from one piece of aluminum and carries high performance ruggedized computers

Recab Solution: Rugged SWaP Computer

The Recab Rugged SWaP Computer platform is the optimum 19”/2 modular computer system where low-weight and high reliability is required. It’s engineered to deliver high performance with the latest generation CPUs, low-latency NVMe SSD. The modular…

Recab solution: Rugged Modular Computer

Recab Solution: Rugged modular computer meets defence standards Recab presents a unique vehicle computer developed to meet defence Standard. This model is based on CompactPCI, but we can adapt it to meet your specific requirements.…

Recab Solution: Avionics Processing Unit (APU)

Recab Solution - Avionics Processing Unit (APU)- develops a new standard for robust, compact processing units for extreme environments. We have received a grant from the Research Council of Norway to develop a new standard…

Recab Solution: Army Ground Vehicle Computer

Recab Solution - Army Ground Vehicle Compute