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Recab: Industrial Data Communication

Recab are one of the market leaders within the field of Industrial Data Communication (IDC), counting several important industry players among our prestigious clients. Our unique products and services are designed to suit any environment, while our vastly experienced IDC team helps drive our success throughout Sweden and beyond.

Recab’s IDC division delivers products and solutions for Industrial Data Communication. We produce high quality goods for straightforward environments like building automation – but also demanding locations requiring robust equipment. Our products have been used in mines, mounted on vehicles and built to withstand many other difficult environments.

We provide holistic consultative and practical support, guiding our customers through the challenging process of finding the right product and then configuring it to suit their individual needs. For us, it is not about selling but about building lasting relationships. We do that by enabling informed decisions and providing the highest quality products and the most efficient solutions.

Our sales engineers are involved in many projects around Sweden and further afield. For example, we collaborate with leading system integrators to provide remote maintenance access for water pump stations in around 80 municipalities located all around the country. North of the town of Gävle, we work with a large paper mill, helping to design, deliver and install an extension to their production network. We also often operate in production industries providing services for the manufacturers of trucks and other heavy machinery.

Our portfolio is broad with a large variety of products for most types of protocols such as Modbus, Profibus, Fieldbus and several others. We sell hardware solutions within the fields of Power over Ethernet (PoE), as well as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), industrial mobile routers (3G, 4G and eventually 5G), wireless routers (WiFi/WLAN), industrial switches, fiber converters and many other products.

We also offer products with special certifications. For example, we hold the IEC61850 certification for products within the energy sector, which is required when working for power stations belonging to state-owned energy company Vattenfall.

Another very important area for Recab is cyber security. Over the last two decades, technology has evolved to such a degree, that the field of cyber security is now critical to organizations of all sizes. Today’s interconnected world is very vulnerable and protection is extremely important. At Recab, we are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest technology, and, among other things, we provide many products demanding the specific cyber security certification IEC62443. We can also provide VPN services to ensure secure communications.

Finally, we are always happy to share our knowledge in the form of training and courses, providing both basic and advanced education within Industrial Data Communication. Our experience within the field is unique in Sweden. Our least experienced team member is our FAE – and he has been around for over a decade! It is this vast experience that provides peace of mind to our customers and drives our success.

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Our organization has focus on continuous improvement processes. We’re passionate about business process management, agile approaches to management, and systemization in general, read more about Recab Added Value here

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