Added Value

Our organization has focus on continuous improvement processes. We’re passionate about business process management, agile approaches to management, and systemization in general. Our quality management system (QMS) is fundamental for us.

Our goal is to offer a low Total cost of ownership (TCO) on products and services in order for our customers to be competitive in their markets. Hence Recab have a focus to add value to our products and services as you see below.

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🔶 The Recab engineering team has through years of experience with developing products established a successful and effective organization.

System Integration

🔶 Recab has over 25 years of experience as system integrator.

Project Management

🔶 Most projects have varying scope and uncertain and ever-changing requirements.

Products COTS™

🔶 Recab’s trademark is COTS™, Custom-Off-The-Shelf.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems

🔶 Through our PLM tools and services, we increase productivity, improve quality and shorten time-to-market.

Feasability studies and reports

🔶 What possibilities are available for implementing “your dreamproduct”

Export Control regulations

🔶 Aerospace and Defence products are subject to a huge amount of regulations and restrictions.

Customer Success Support

🔶 We manages the flow of components from suppliers all over the world, to our integration facilities, then onward to our customers, and in some cases to our customers’ end customers.