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Recab develops a new standard for robust, compact processing units for extreme environments. We have received a grant from the Research Council of Norway to develop a new standard for robust, compact processing units for extreme environments.

The grant provides funding for a three-year project involving development of four different processing units.


Custom rugged, flight-approved ATR system for helicopters
The primary goal is to develop a robust, stable, integrated standard for compact units in systems solutions for industries operating under rigorous certification requirements. The products are intended primarily for sectors in which Recab has a long history, including the Defense, Maritime/Offshore and Avionics industries.
In the second phase of the project, we will develop innovative embedded computer systems for growth markets like aquaculture and subsea solutions for underwater installations used by the oil and gas industry. The technology replaces arrays of separate components by integrating them into compact, fanless units with advanced processor designs.

Customer benefits

  • Air-cooled, ext temp & conformal coating
  • Mix of COTS boards and custom electronics
  • Routing of ~500 I/O signals to rugged MIL type 38999 connectors
  • RTCA DO 160G certified

Developing the Avionics Processing Unit (APU)
There is a growing demand for convenient, flexible, secure solutions without internal wires, enabling systems suppliers to connect standard components in a rugged mechanical enclosure. This is our first product for the helicopter industry. It has undergone an extensive program of development and testing and is now certified according to RTCA DO 160G.

Developed for use in helicopters
Since it’s intended for helicopter use, the unit is low weight and is built to ATR mechanical installation standards. It’s a reliable product, processing digital signals with the highest speed and quality. We developed a highly advanced system architecture that enables construction of a small, vibration-resistant box without internal wires. The APU is scalable and easy to equip with many types of COTS boards.

Developing a secure, wirefree system architecture
We developed a scalable unit using an advanced PCB design that replaces internal wires. We have developed two advanced PCBs capable of routing over 500 I/O signals. This is very important in order to guarantee high signal integrity at high speed. The APU can be equipped with standardized electronic components. We’re proud that the Research Council of Norway has confidence in Recab to develop innovative, high-tech embedded computer systems for the international market.

Recab reference projects
We are also pleased to announce that we have already sold and delivered pilot units of both the APU and our Maritime Processing Unit (MPU). These will be important reference projects for us as we continue growing in Europe. The APU has been a very technically challenging project. The chassis is extremely compact, with six 6U CPCI cards controlling over 500 I/O signals through two custom developed boards to MIL-STD-38999 connectors on the front side. This is a highly advanced PCB layout and includes up to 18 layers with special custom substrates. Many of the I/O signals are high-speed streams from cutting-edge technology sensors with state of the art precision/accuracy. High signal integrity is an absolute requirement.