Originally developed as a spinoff of the ATCA architecture and intended for smaller carrier-grade deployments

Originally developed as a spinoff of the ATCA architecture and intended for smaller carrier-grade deployments. uTCA technology has now expanded into multiple industries where high bandwidth data communication and high speed data processing and scalability is needed. Recab have a complete line up for MicroTCA systems. From Chassis, power supplies, backplanes, MCH to all needed boards to make a successful system build. Below you can find a selection of our  products.

Military/Aerospace using ruggedized uTCA and MicroTCA .4 is widely used in physics applications.

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Recab mSYS-3500

Recab mSYS-3500 - A Flexible, Modular and Scalable mTCA.4 Open Standard Compliant System. The system is designed for synchronized acquisition of analog/digital data within applications with high speed and energy circulation, such as advanced “Big…


NAT-MCH-PHYS80 MTCA Carrier Hub for MTCA.4 and MTCA.4.1 applications Supports GbE and PCIe Gen 3 switching and optical & copper PCIe x8/x16 uplinks

N.A.T NAMC-QorIQ-P4080

NAMC-QorIQ-P4080 Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) with NXP (Freescale) 8-core QorIQ® P4080 and optional Xilinx Virtex®-6 FPGA

Concurrent AM G6x/msd

AM G6x/msd is an AdvancedMC® module designed for long life-cycle, high performance applications. It has the same rear I/O options as the previous generation module for backwards compatibility, includes support for Serial over LAN, adds…

Concurrent AM E4x/msd AdvancedMC module

Concurrent AM E4x/msd AdvancedMC module Read More AM E4x/msd is an AdvancedMC single Module ( Mis-size or Full-size), based on a long life-cycle, high performance processor with up to 12-cores, large memory capacity, local storage…