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Advanced Remote Control Courses with ICOM OS

Recab offer a training aimed for those who want to expand their knowledge within Remote control. The main focus of this course is hands-on training with ICOM OS from Insys.

The continuous course covers:

  • Repetition of IP-addresses, routing
  • Mobile connection, 2G/3G/4G/5G
  • ICOM OS – basic configuration
  • ICOM OS – Security, VPN & firewall

About the Course

These courses are suitable for you who have completed Recab’s basic training in in Remote control or have equivalent knowledge about Ethernet and Remote control .

The training is currently available in Swedish and held by our experienced FAE Daniel Lundén. Course material in Swedish are included.

We offer training in open groups, where you partake in the course alongside employees from other companies in your field, as well as the opportunity to customize the course for you and your company.

Set dates for the open group sessions will be published on this page as well as included in our newsletter, which you can subscribe to below.

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For a quotation or further discussion regarding this course, reach out to us!

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Håkan Gunnarsson / 073-201 03 01 /
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