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Maritime & Offshore

Recab has in-depth experience providing embedded solutions for maritime and offshore applications and has developed several IEC60945 certified tailored solutions.

Our knowledge of offshore EX explosive zones and maritime environment requirements – such as Saltwater Mist, Surface Corrosion, Vibration, EMC, EMI, etc., helps us reach our customers demands. We offer a range of products especially targeted for the rough environment at seas, with certificates from DNV-GL/Lloyd’s Register and tested to meet the latest standards IEC-60945 and IACS E.10.

Our team of highly skilled salespeople and engineers  will ensures that you receive the right guidance throughout the process, from suggesting possible solutions to testing, certification, delivery and implementation of the right product for your maritime/offshore application.

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Recab 2U Server Gen3

Recab proudly presents the third generation of the rugged server RSERV-U2. With an increased need for processing power, faster storage and the requirement…

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Advanced Modular Computers

Starting with VME in 1980’s, Compact PCI to follow introducing PCI bus enabling today’s modern computing. Micro TCA introduced high speed fabrics like PCIe…

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Cameras for demanding applications

3-CMOS area scan camera, VS-TLS series, Front-Unit Rear-Unit Reconfigurable Telecentric Lens, & CMOS Cameras…

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