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Our Commitment to Sustainability at Recab

The need to preserve resources and protect the environment are taken into consideration when developing new products, when manufacturing and is embedded in the product’s life cycle.

This involves everything from helping customers to select components with good environmental and quality performance, to locating manufacture close to final markets, so that the adverse environmental impact of transportation is limited. In addition to improving customers’ impact on the environment and society, Recab actively works to limit the group’s negative impact on its surroundings.

Environmental Impact and Working Methods

Recab strives for long-term and sustainable development by producing with the minimum possible environmental impact. Recab endeavors to comply with, or exceed, applicable environmental legislation, work on continuous improvement and maintain an updated environmental policy. Environmental work follows international ISO guidelines. All the group’s production units have ISO 14001 certification and are audited both by internal and external resources. Although different countries’ environmental legislation varies, Recab’s ambition is for all units to follow a common line of environmental work. Other parts of operations also embed environmental considerations, such as in discussions with customers regarding materials sourcing and production arrangements.

Electronic scrap, glass and paper are recycled. Improvement projects reduce waste and limit energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Corrugated board and boxes are compacted to minimize the number of waste transportation runs affecting the environment and 90% of Recab’s freight and transportation suppliers are ISO 14001 certified.

Ethics – Human rights & Anti-corruption

Recab respects human rights and conducts itself to avoid breaches of them. In addition to the responsibility for its own operations, Recab takes responsibility for respecting human rights in business relations with the company’s stakeholders and customers.

Recab’s human rights policy has principles and standpoints that apply in labor law and equal opportunities. Recab’s Code of Conduct formalizes how the company expects its suppliers to conduct themselves within human rights, labor law, child labor, corruption and the environment. This is conveyed through the supply chain and monitored in supplier audits.

See Recab´s policys with Sustainability, Equality, Diversity and Code of conduct:

Since 2015 Recab is a part of The Addtech Group.