Network Communication: Secure and Efficient Solutions

Unmanaged switches from HIrschmann

Unmanaged Switches

Unmanaged Switches: The simplicity without configuration requirements and the lower price have made this type of switch the most widely used in the industry.

Hirschmann firewalls

Managed Switches

Managed switches offer a variety of functions that can be used for example to increase security, prioritize traffic or build redundancy in a network.

HIrschmann Cyber Security and firewalls.

Firewalls and Cyber Security

The importance of secure networks and communication is growing every day, and there are new standards like IEC-62443 that your network needs to comply to.

Acksys wifi ATEX accesspoint and client

Wireless networking (WIFI)

Our wireless networking products (WiFi5, and WIFI6) can be used to create a simple wireless access point, clients or bridges, to advanced networks for mesh or fast roaming. There is also ATEX approved WIFI AP/Clients.

Meinberg NTP clocks, one of the best units to watch your network

Time Synchronisation

Correct time at all nodes is important for troubleshooting etc. We support NTP,
IEEE-1588 Solutions: PTPv2 and more in various enclosures and mounting options.

Mediaconverters and fiber repeaters

Media Converters

Media Converters are designed to bridge the gap between different media in the network, i.e Fiber to Copper,Singlemode to Multimode, Fiber repeaters, Different speeds in the network, Serial to Ethernet and many more protocol translations.

Lumberg IO link solutions

IO Link

IO-Link is a short distance, bi-directional, digital, point-to-point, industrial communications networking standard (IEC 61131-9) used for connecting digital sensors and actuators to either a type of industrial fieldbus or a type of industrial Ethernet. We can offer the full Lumberg sortiment

HIrschmann SFPs

SFP Transceivers

The SFP Transceivers is a small but a very important component of the communication chain. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use the switch suppliers’ own SFPs to guarantee full function.

Stainless metal keyboards

Industrial Keyboards and num controls

Recab can offer ruggedized keyboards form silicon covered to stainless steele, with or without trackmouse.

Typical use is in environment that is cold or warm, dusty or worst. Dont invest in industrial network equipment and then use a standard office keyboard, it’s worth investing in all industrial.