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Recab delivers rugged IT-solutions for the industrial markets. Network and datacommunication, "COTS" or tailor made industrial computers for the Nordic market

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Advanced Modular Computers

Advanced modular computers for robust, high-speed systems in defense and avionics…

Embedded Computers & Boards

Embedded computers and boards designed for reliability in diverse applications…

Industrial Computers

Industrial computers tailored for 24/7 reliability in AI and demanding environments…


Our communication solutions offer seamless integration and robust security…

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Defence & Avionics

Power and Transportation

Maritime & Offshore

Automation & Manufacturing

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

In the past, data centers were big – They had to accommodate isolated, single-purpose hardware for every IT function.

Recab: mSYS-3500

Recab develops a new standard for robust, compact processing units for extreme environments. We have received a grant…

Recab: Avionics

mSYS-3500 is a turnkey scalable CPU+FPGA hardware/software solution, for high speed, synchronized…


Riot HPCS stands at the forefront of advanced communication in critical environments, offering a high-performance communication server designed for secure IT environments. It’s the ideal solution for organizations seeking robust IT infrastructure solutions. From maritime to avionics, the Riot HPCS is revolutionizing communication technology for defense and civilian applications alike.

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We are Recab

We are a leader in industrial innovation, we offer cutting-edge Embedded Computer Systems and Industrial Data Communication solutions. Renowned for the commitment to quality and innovation, We at Recab, serve critical sectors including Defense, Manufacturing, Energy, and Maritime, driving success through unparalleled engineering expertise and exceptional service.

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