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From edge to cloud for demanding applications:
We provide products and services for Sensor, ID & Vision, Industrial Data Communication, and Embedded Computer Systems for demanding applications.

Recab provides products and complete solutions for:
Automation & Manufacturing, Transportation & Railway, Defense & Avionics and Maritime & Offshore.

With products within sensors, vision, ID, industrial data communication, standard computers and custom engineered computer systems our solutions reaches from edge to cloud.

Industrial Data Communication

Recab are one of Sweden’s market leaders within the field of Industrial Data Communication (IDC), counting several important industry players among our prestigious clients. Our unique products and services are designed to suit any environment, while our vastly experienced IDC team helps drive our success throughout Sweden and beyond.


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Sensor, Id & Vision

Recab has deep knowledge, vast experience and a broad range of products – making us the ideal choice for the SIV market. Our Sensor, ID and Vision team consists of a highly specialized group of salespeople with many years of experience. One of our strengths lies in the fact that we are not tied to a single manufacturer, making our line of products broad and diverse.

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Embedded computer system

ECS differs from standard computing hardware in that it offers companies specialised solutions within their specific areas of interest. Often this includes more complex systems integration, robust hardware requirements and compliance with certain industry certifications

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