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At Recab we recognize and cherish the possibility to provide our customers more than solely products through several types of services. One of our services is to offer our customers training within our specialist areas. We acknowledge this as a way for our customers to invest in their staff to ensure a high knowledge level of operation, service and support and there-through achieve a wider rage of accessibility in their processes.

Today we offer our customers training within industrial networks, Cyber security and IloT. These sessions are both theoretical and practical to ensure that the knowledge we teach is valuable and functional to the working methods of our customers. We also have the opportunity to give our customers access to webinars, both live broadcast and pre-filmed from us and our suppliers.

Our courses are held as open groups with participants from companies within the targeted field of work, as well as the opportunity to custom the education for a specific customer and their company.


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Basic course in Industrial Networks, Cyber security and Remote controlBasic course in Industrial Networks, Cyber security and Remote control

This training is aimed towards everyone who wants and or is required to learn the basics of Industrial Networks, Cyber security and Telecommunication. The course covers terminology, protocol and standards, and gives an opportunity for hands-on training to help clarify and give an understanding of how everything is connected.