The Recab Group: Our Core Values and Vision


At Recab we value the enthusiasm and passion of our employees highly. With a passionate staff that is proud of our company, we ensure to go the extra mile for our customers and evolve as an innovative company.

Passion enables the chance to challenge ourselves to grow and we create goals, work to reach them and celebrate our accomplishments.


At Recab we believe that trust and respect are essential for operating a business.
We require our customers and suppliers trust to create the best suited solution for the applications.

Trust is earned, and we earn the trust of our customers and suppliers through continuous on-time deliveries of information and goods.

Embedded Systems Industrial Data Communications Sensors & Vision for demanding applications

Proactive work

At Recab we aim to work proactively. This entails being organized, punctual and productive, through working and planning ahead of time. Proactive work requires experience, but most importantly a great understanding of the processes.

By following these standards we enable the development of  innovative applications that challenges the technology of today.

Our vision

Enabling world class applications