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Recab: Embedded Computer Systems

Specialised hardware solutions to meet any challenge: Embedded Computer Systems (ECS) is one of Recab’s three core business units. For more than two decades, it has been at the heart of our service, providing customers with the best individual products and complete solutions across a range of applications.

ECS differs from standard computing hardware in that it offers companies specialised solutions within their specific areas of interest. Often this includes more complex systems integration, robust hardware requirements and compliance with certain industry certifications. Together with our expertise in Industrial Data Communication (IDC) and Sensors, ID and Vision (SIV), the ECS unit means Recab can provide a truly holistic hardware distribution solution for customers in any vertical market.

The Embedded Computer Systems unit was Recab’s original area of specialism when the company was founded in 1996, and everyone within the ECS team has vast experience in providing customers with the best products and solutions regardless of the complexity of their brief.

As with all Recab services, the ECS team is able to deliver a wide range of products from leading global suppliers, while also having the capacity to provide in-house engineering, systems integration and installation expertise.

Examples of ECS hardware required by our customers include: Embedded Boards & ‘Computer On Module’ (COM)Backplanes & Chassis (based on industry standards like VPX, MicroTCA, CPCI, VME or custom); Industrial PCs, Rugged Computers & Servers; Displays & Panel PCs; and Industrial computer accessories and components. Whatever a customer project requires, our team can select the best products from all over the world.

Customers come to Recab if they need:

  • Specialised hardware rather than commodity PC/Servers/Monitors/Switches
  • An embedded system that can withstand a demanding environment (extended temperature, shock-/vibration, EMC, IP etc)
  • A robust industrial or military computer or IoT device
  • A computer with long lifecycle
  • To be compliant to vertical market certifications (Maritime, Defence, Medical, Avionics, Power Substation etc)

Added value
Our organization has focus on continuous improvement processes. We’re passionate about business process management, agile approaches to management, and systemization in general, read more about Recab Added Value here

Some of our key global partners within Embedded Computer Systems:
Kontron Europe GmbH
Concurrent Technologies Plc
nVent (Schroff)
SINTRONES Technology Corp.
Congatec AG
Neousys Technology Inc.
N.A.T. Europe

ECS services
Depending on a customer’s requirements, we select the best specialised computing solutions from some of the biggest suppliers in the Nordic region and beyond. Our ECS services typically fall into three categories:

  1. Commercial ‘Off The Shelf’ – Our team picks from the best commercially-available products and delivers to the customer. The value lies in Recab’s experience, knowledge of the market and network of suppliers. In a fragmented market with almost unlimited options, our experienced team can find the right solution for the right set of challenges
  2. Computers On the Move – A specialised service for complex computing hardware required within trains, seagoing vessels, taxis, aircraft or other vehicles. These embedded computing systems are exposed to considerable external forces and tough environments, and therefore robust hardware is required. Product robustness often needs to be verified through testing in accredited laboratories for certification. Of particular interest at the moment are electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles
  3. Advanced Modular Computers – Recab helps many customers within the defence and avionics industries. Military computing systems such as sonar or radar require rugged solutions for tough industrial environments. Our key differentiator for these customers is our ability to customise solutions using our experience in this sector. As well as providing the hardware, Recab can also contribute support in 3D modelling, thermal designs and simulations to make sure solutions can handle the unique set of challenges faced by these customers

‘Custom Off-The-Shelf’ (COTS™
Working with our vast network of partners, we are able to customise multiple products into tailored integrated solutions. We call this our ‘Custom Off-The-Shelf’ (COTS™) service. By reusing existing platforms and building blocks from global manufacturers, we enhance them to perfectly suit each customer’s application, saving on development and consultancy costs for our customers.

Engineering expertise
We also have considerable engineering expertise, along with the resources to fulfil the requirements of our customers beyond specialised hardware solutions. Areas like OS / RTOS installation/configuration, Virtualisation (VMWare), BIOS adaptations, BSP & drivers, FPGA, GPGPU and EMC are key assets in our team.

From small start-up organisations to large enterprise customers including defence and government departments, Recab’s ECS experts pick from the best solutions available – with the goal of reducing risk, cost and time-to-market.

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