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Recab Solutions: Rugged ATR

Recab Solutions Rugged ATR
In these systems we use conduction cooled boards that gives away the heat true the walls. No fans inside, but air channels on the outside. Usual a backplane for VPX or uTCA is the connection between SBCs, Switch and I/O boards.

Recab have over the years built many systems within Ruggedized Systems where the demands have been harder than on usual computers. Rugged system from Recab are designed and built to operate in harsh environments like tough vibrations, extreme temperatures, wet or dirty conditions. Often such systems have to be certified and examined by independent test laboratories to prove they fulfil the standards needed. Could be a standard that defines a Marine, Train, Vehicle or Defense system.

Embedded Computers & Boards is one of Recab’s core business units. For more than two decades, it has been at the heart of our service, providing customers with the best individual products and complete solutions across a range of applications – Whatever a customer project requires, our team can select the best products from all over the world.

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