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Concurrent AM G6x/msd

Concurrent AM G6x/msd is an AdvancedMC® module designed for long life-cycle, high performance applications. It has the same rear I/O options as the previous generation module for backwards compatibility, includes support for Serial over LAN, adds new direct attached storage and 10 Gigabit Ethernet options.


  • Double module AMC processor
  • High performance Intel® Processor
  • Direct attached storage options
  • Wide range of front panel connections
  • Support for Serial over LAN

MicroTCA – Originally developed as a spinoff of the ATCA architecture and intended for smaller carrier-grade deployments. uTCA technology has now expanded into multiple industries where high bandwidth data communication and high speed data processing and scalability is needed.
Recab have a complete line up for MicroTCA systems. From Chassis, power supplies, backplanes, MCH to all needed boards to make a successful system build.

Recab together with world leading manufacturers have all items to build the system adopted to Your needs. From Chassis, SBSs, Switches, FPGA, Graphics  to Storage solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact you local Recab office for assistance.

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Concurrent AM G6x/msd Datasheet


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