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Recab mSYS-3500

Recab mSYS-3500 is a turnkey scalable CPU+FPGA hardware/software solution.
The system is designed for synchronized acquisition of analog/digital data within applications with high speed and energy circulation, such as advanced “Big Science” projects.

mSYS-3500 is one of the first mTCA.4 truly “open standard” turnkey solutions available on the market. The hardware is configured to meet specific needs of Analog and/or Digital signals, internal/external triggering, single or dual redundant power supply and is equipped with multiple 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections to transfer filtered data to the control center. MicroTCA

The software toolbox supports a variety of tools for simple setup to EPICS Control Room and EPICS IOC and includes start up codes for FPGAs and CPUs. mSYS-3500 is designed and constructed by Recab’s system development engineers.

Feature for Recab mSYS-3500 – CPU+FPGA hardware/software solution:

  • mTCA.4 Open Standard Standard Compliant System
  • EPICS Support on a System Level and EPICS IOC
  • Redundant Modular PSU Option
  • Flexible Choice of Payload X86 CPU
  • Uses “branch standard” MCH / MicroTCA Carrier Hub
  • Uses well known & proven Timing Module
  • Up to 4 pcs. Digitizers can be installed
  • Choice of dierent FPGA performance level’s
  • RTM and / or FMC Modules used for Digitizer process adaptation

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