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Custom design solutions & services can be applied at any stage of a project, our experience ensures a cost-effective custom solution

Recab Solutions: RSERV E5V3 2U FIO

2U Intel Xeon E5-2600 V3 370mm Depth Rack Mountable Server with All Front I/O

Recab Solutions: RNODE-FLEX-4U-FIO

Intended as Flexible I/O Network AttachedComputing Node, for use in Maritime andHarsh Industrial EnvironmentRedundant Ethernet based network attachment.Can be used as Distributed I/O Controller orDistributed Data Collection & Conversion Unit.CompactPCI based 3 slot inner crate(2 slot's available for I/O)

Recab Hamar, Norway
– The local high-tech company

INSIDE: Recab Hamar - Meet the high-tech company Recab, see inside of the company with solutions in a lot of defense & avionic-products

Success Case:
Read direct part marking codes for track & trace with smart AI

Recab solutions smart AI – Barcode readers save time, money& reduce waste. 1D&2D codes can easily be handle&secure the whole process

Success Case: Recab developed a camera solution for Military Surveillance

Needed: A quick way to calibrate the system to get the optical center in the lens&camera to line up in harsh environments. Military Surveillance