Sensors, ID & Vision

Sensors, ID & Vision - We provide a broad portfolio of solutions: Cameras, tracking, code readers, laser distance & profile 1D, 2D & 3D

Launch: Wide Area Lumitrax™ Light from Keyence

Wide Area Lumitrax™ Light Keyence: Combines ultra-high-speed CMOS sensors, partial illumination LEDlightning & advanced inspection algorithms

Online Demo: Innovative 3D vision solution from Keyence CV-X400

Online Demo: Innovative 3D vision solution from Keyence CV-X400: You get a quick insight of the hardware &software - For harsh environments

High-precision Measurement on Any Material or Surface
Confocal Displacement Sensor CL-3000 Series - Keyence

Confocal Displacement Sensor CL-3000 Series: High-precision Measurement on Any Material or Surface, uses multi-color confocal technology.

Sensors, ID & Vision
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Machine Vision Inspections
- Food & Medical Industries

Have you ever faced challenging inspection applications that were difficult to solve? - Machine Vision Inspections SEE EXAMPLES OF SOLUTIONS

Keyence Machine Vision:
Bring quality & continuity to the Food & Beverage industry

Food safety has once again become a topic of interest - Machine Vison for Quality & continuity - Keyence solutions by Recab

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2D & 3D Laser profiler - Measure Ultra high precision

Perform 2D/3D measurement & inspection in line with the LJ-X8000 Series. Offers 3200 points/profile & making it easy to accurately measure any target shape or material from high-resolution images

Success Case:
Read direct part marking codes for track & trace with smart AI

Recab solutions smart AI – Barcode readers save time, money& reduce waste. 1D&2D codes can easily be handle&secure the whole process