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Recab Success Stories

These examples are meant to give you inspiration and present Recab. At Recab, we recognize the unique requirements of every application. We are dedicated to delivering the right solution to accommodate customer requirements.

We cover solutions from edge to cloud with expertise in Industrial Data Communication, Sensor, ID & Vision and Embedded Computer Systems. Our custom design services can be applied at any stage of a project, and our experience ensures that we can deliver a cost-effective custom solution within a narrow timeline.

Our goal is to reduce risk, cost and TTM. You can count on us for product quality, expert advice and services that will enhance your business value.

Success Case

Read about a selection of our success cases

World-leading Danfo chose IoT solution from Recab

Public toilet specialist Danfo, based in Nora in Sweden, is a world-leading expert on communal sanitation solutions and was founded…

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easyPay: Smart reading Parked the challenges for smart reading

With EasyPay, you can easily drive in and out of a parking area without (a lot of) concern for payment and exceeded parking time – msart reading…

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iSurvey: Advanced module for its iSafe positioning system

The surveying and positioning company iSurvey needed to develop a new advanced module for its iSafe positioning system. RECAB took on the…

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CuePilot: Software & hardware in high-end TV broadcasts

CuePilot designs and manufactures innovative software and hardware for use in high-end TV broadcasts. Situated in Copenhagen…

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FluxSense: Industrial computers from Recab

Customer case – FluxSense: Industrial computers from Recab to measure emissions The importance of knowledge of gas emissions. Back in 2001…

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Customer support via IIoT
– Lämneå Bruk

The situation last spring was critical, and the lock down of country boarders was the reason that the support staff at Lämneå weren’t able…

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Application Stories

Read about a selection of our application stories

Recab: Rugged modular computer meets defence standards

Recab presents a unique vehicle computer developed to meet defense standards. This model is based on CompactPCI, but we can adapt…

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Recab: MPU (Maritime Processing Unit)

The Recab MPU (Maritime Processing Unit) is extremely versatile. It’s easy to change or add hardware functionality such as AIS or other…

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Recab Avionics: Custom rugged, flight-approved ATR system

Recab develops a new standard for robust, compact processing units for extreme environments. We have received a grant from the…

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Recab: Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

Recab: How HCI created a data center revolution. In the past, data centers were big – They had to accommodate isolated, single-purpose hardware for every IT function…

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Recab mSYS-3500: a turnkey scalable CPU+FPGA

mSYS-3500 is a turnkey scalable CPU+FPGA hardware/software solution, for high speed, synchronized analog/digital data acquisition, typically used within…

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