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Recab: MPU (Maritime Processing Unit)

The Recab MPU (Maritime Processing Unit) is extremely versatile. It’s easy to change or add hardware functionality such as AIS or other GPS system modules. This flexibility enables deployment in several other application areas.

Features for the Recab Maritime Processing Unit 

  • Compact and scalable fanless high performance Maritime Processing Unit using Intel Ivy Bridge Core i3.
  • Flexible design enables a range of optional modules and functionality to be added. Examples include DGPS, AIS receiver, UHF radio with Diplexer through a Single Antenna connector.
  • Optional Power over Ethernet 802.3af interface, and standard PC I/O interfaces.
  • Recessed IP-65 shielded compartment for USB dongle and/or service port.
  • Designed and tested for Maritime applications, including oil & gas sector.
  • Wide operating temperature range: -10 to +60° C ambient temperature.
  • Completely sealed unit, water resistant using rugged IP-65 connectors.
  • Wide range DC input (9–30 VDC). Power supply designed for harsh maritime environments with unstable power sources.
  • Modular backpack solution with optional touchscreen.

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