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Meinberg lantime M450
M450 NTP clock

The Meinberg lantime M400 has been updated to M450

LANTIME M450: Robust Rail Mount NTP Time Server with internal Meinberg reference clock

NTP Time Server with Reference Clock for Industrial Applications
The LANTIME M450 Time Server offers an unparalleled flexibility and versatility and provides accurate time to your network in a compact and full-featured DIN railmount package for industrial applications such as power generation, transmission and distribution (substation automation), process control and industrial automation systems. The M450 includes an LC-Display and keypad and an extremely broad range of available options.

  • Selectable Reference Sources:
    • GPS: Satellite receiver for the Global Positioning System
    • GNS: Combined GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou satellite receiver (L1 frequency band), can also be used for mobile applications
    • GNS-UC: GPS and Galileo Satellite Receiver with Up-Converter for Meinberg GPS Antenna/Converter
    • PZF: DCF77 correlation receiver for middle europe
    • MSF: Long wave receiver for Great Britain
    • TCR: Time code receiver for IRIG A/B, AFNOR or IEEE1344 codes
    • MRS: (GPS, PPS, 10MHz, NTP): Multi Reference Source – several reference sources, adjustable following priority of signal
  • Synchronizes NTP-compatible clients with support for NTP, SNTP, and NTS
  • Web interface that is both powerful and easy to use
  • Backlit LCD panel and function keys for local configuration
  • Comprehensive networking support, including full HTTPS encryption for Web Interface and REST API with TLS certificate management
  • Frequency signals and industry-specific sync signals via additional optional outputs
  • USB port for installation of firmware updates, backup/restore of configuration and log files, and disabling/enabling access to front panel controls
  • Command line interface for advanced power users with absolute control over every facet of the server’s functionality
  • Support for syslog, SNMP, and SMTP for comprehensive event logging, network integration, and notification functionality
  • GNS models include Multi-GNSS antenna for reception of GPS, Galileo, BeiDou, and GLONASS signals
  • GPS and GNS-UC models include Meinberg IF antenna of reception of GPS signals and, with GNS-UC models, also Galileo signals
  • Previous Models – LANTIME-M450:

    LANTIME-M400 :: Rail Mount NTP Time Server with MEINBERG reference receiver
    LANAHS :: NTP Time Server with integrated GPS radio clock in railmount housing

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