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Hirschmann Greyhound 1040

The Hirschmann Greyhound 1040 switches include 12 fixed ports and also feature two media module slots that enable you to add 8 additional ports each, for a maximum of 28 ports per device.The switch’s two power supplies, available in high- or low-voltage options, can be changed in the field for maximum uptime. You can keep your systems up and running by quickly swapping out one power supply, while the network is powered by the redundant supply. More and more applications need power, and the GREYHOUND 1040 switches support up to 16 PoE and PoE+ ports. For all-around network protection and up-time, GREYHOUND 1040 switches offer enhanced Layer 2 and Layer 3 features through Hirschmann’s operating system, HiOS. The software includes comprehensive security, diagnostic and redundancy features. The device’s precise synchronization also enables applications to comply with stringent real-time requirements.


  • Greyhound 1040 technical data
  • Up to 28 ports (Up to 22 fiber ports: 18 GE/FE plus 4 x 2.5 GE/GE)
  • Operating voltage: 24 to 48 V DC, or 60 to 250 V DC and 110 to 240 V AC, or 48 to 54 V DC (PoE/PoE+)
  • IP30
  • Media modules technical data
  • Up to 8 FE/GE ports, more details in the configurator for ST, SC, RJ45, SFP slots
  • Power consumption: 5.5 to 10 W (without PoE)
  • Power supplies technical data
  • Variant: Switch only, or switch and PoE, or PoE only
  • Operating voltage: 24 to 48 V DC, or 60 to 250 V DC and 110 to 240 V AC, or 48 to 54 V DC (PoE/PoE+)
  • Power consumption: 35 to 38 W + up to 180 W PoE
  • Common technical data (base units, media modules & power supplies)
  • Operating temperature: 0 °C to 60 °C, or -40 °C to +70 °C, IEC 60068-2-2 Dry Heat Test +85 °C 16 Hours, optional conformal coating
  • EN 60950-1, EN 61131-2, cUL60950-1

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Hirschmann Greyhound 1040 Datasheet


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