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Condor VC100x Series

The Condor VC100 XMC Series products are rugged video capture and compression cards that have been designed for use in various applications such as surveillance, image detection, video recording, unmanned vehicles (UAV) and other camera based video recording/analysis applications.

These XMC form factor video capture cards support up to 4 video inputs (2 SDI, 4 × Composite Video or 1 × SDI + 2 × Composite Video). The various input formats (HD-SDI, SD-SDI, NTSC/PAL/RS-170) are selectable through an easy-to-use API. Depending upon product variant, inputs are handled either through front connectors, rear PMC (Pn4) or XMC (Pn6) I/O connectors, or through board-mounted cables or connectors for ease of use.

The Condor VC100 XMC Series XMC video capture cards offer H.264 encoding in hardware, minimizing CPU usage. Video data is captured and stored in files. This data is available to customer applications for processing, analysis or display on a local graphics card. The Condor VC100 XMC Series also supports the transfer of the video stream via RTP/RTSP/UDP for remote display of captured data. Two stereo audio inputs can also be captured through SDI or line in and can be synced to the video input. A full SDK is provided to manage captured video and audio data.

The Condor VC100x is the first variant in the series. It performs H.264 encoding and provides the compressed video streams to the host machine over PCIe. The stream can be sent out from the host machine’s Ethernet ports (streaming) or saved to a file (recording).

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Condor VC100x Datasheet


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