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Bjørn Espen Aase

Managing Director, Embedded Computer Systems - Recab Norway

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Pontus Eriksson

Technical Sales

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VPX is the defacto form factor for new military and aerospace applications enabling the creation of high performance solutions within a compact space

VPX is suitable for the server, storage, compute and I/O intensive functions in C4ISR, Radar test and simulation applications. The OpenVPX standard was a first step to unify boards, backplane etc.

Lately a new standards called SOSA (Sensor Open System Architecture) has taken one further step to open and unify systems for future builds. VPX gives the system builder the possibility to put together systems using blocks of 40G ethernet, PCIe , FPGAs and GPGPUs and off course the latest choice of high performance SBCs.

When you talk to Recab you will find a complete line card for your system build, If you need a air cooled 6U VPX system with high performance or a 3U conduction cooled system certified for extreme environments You have come to the right place. Recab have the best suppliers there is.

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