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WIFI Bridge

A quick and easy way to make a jump between buildings or other hard places to use standrad wifi or fixed cables.

ACKSYS offers a secure wireless solution that is quick and easy to install, allowing you to create a wireless bridge between two independent Ethernet networks, two separate devices (PC, camera, printer, etc.) or two buildings* by simply programming two Airlink_V2 standard units (download configuration files).

  • Wireless connection of 2 networks or remote devices
  • Easy commissioning using downloadable configuration files
  • Secure link
  • High speed communication up to 250 Mbps (depends on environment and distance)
  • WaveOS operating system
  • Power supply: +9VDC to +48VDC and PoE 802.3af
  • Very compact cases, wall mounting or DIN rai
  • Indoor use: wall mounting or DIN rail
  • * Outdoor use: installation in an outdoor cabinet with antennas adapted to the environment and to the distance to be covered (consults the list of additional accessories).


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