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Kontron CP3004-SA 3U Compact PCI

Kontron CP3004-SA 3U Compact PCI
5TH GENERATION INTEL® CORE™ Kontron 3U COMPACTPCI CPU BOARD. High performance range, high-end graphics, high connectivity, rugged Core™ i7 Quadcore and Dualcore (4th gen) versions DirectX® 11. OpenGL 4, three independent outputs USB 3.0, SATA 6Gbit/s, 3x Gbit Ethernet/WOL, PCI Express Extended Temperature and VITA47 EAC3

With CP3004-SA, the fifth Generation of Intel® Core™ technology has been made available in Kontron’s CompactPCI product portfolio. The high density design offers extraordinary performance-per-watt values, based on the 14 nanometer technology. It is an ideal backbone for powerful network-intensive applications providing virtualization (VT-X, VT-D) and highest graphics performance.

The new-generation graphics controller has up to 40 execution units providing OpenCL 1.2 / OpenGL 4 and triple independent display support. The Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions AVX 2.0 enhancements provide a huge performance improvement in floating-point-intensive computations, which are a key part of digital signal and image processing applications.

CP3004-SA is prepared to be used in demanding and harsh environments, designed according to the shock and vibration requirements of VITA47 EAC3. Extended temperature versions are available. Dual-Core versions (4th gen CPU) provide for low heat dissipation. The processor’s TDP can be adjusted dynamically to a desired performance and power envelope. Typical applications can be found in the markets

  • i5
  • ubuntu

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