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Keyence SZ Series – Available in Sweden & Norway

Lasers scanner for AGV Keyence – Safety zones reaches up to 8.4 meters and a two separate safety zones can be configured individually.
Keyence was the first manufacturer to release a safety scanner with an integrated camera which enables the user to record and identify the obstacle.

The control display can be mounted separated from the scanner and a simple software is used to configure the many functions of the unit.
The scanner is able to communicate through Profinet & PROFIsafe for easy implantation to modern installations.

  • i5
  • 500 GB
  • Yes


  • Compact Die-cast body
  • Maximum protection zone 4.2 m
  • Up to 16 zone sets (banks) with 3 zones can be configured
  • Easy to Configure Software

– Recab offers range of different products within the field of laser scanners. Recab are proud of collaborate with Keyence to be able to provide the best laser products on the market. Keyence is a leading supplier of sensors, measuring systems, code readers, anti-static and machine vision systems worldwide. Keyence strives to develop innovative and reliable products to meet the need of customers all over the world in every manufacturing industry.

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Contact information

Glenn Abrahamsson

Technical Sales/Senior Advisor/KAM
+46 702 355 685

Klas Bengtsson

Lars Dammen

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