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Hirschmann Fiber Interface Repeaters

Hirschmann Fiber Interface Repeaters – Fieldbuses transmit relatively small amounts of data over large distances quickly and reliably. However, as a result of various legacy systems, there is a wide diversity of protocols and standards in use all over the world. The table below will help in narrowing your selection to find the right high-quality optical fiber cable modules for your systems.


  • Ideal for use in real-time control networks that extend across long distances
  • Easy monitoring with signal strength outputs, LEDs for link status and data transfer activity
  • Failsafe communications with built-in ring redundancy
  • Reliable operation through redundant 24 Volt power supply inputs


  • Electrical/optical Interface converters for:
    •  – PROFIBUS field bus networks
    •  – Genus filedbus networks
    •  – Modbus Plus filedbus networks
    •  – RS 485 fieldbus network
  • Seamless integration with process control systems using signal strength outputs
  • Fault signaling with built-in relay for an independent alarm line
  • Variants for singlemode, multimode and plastic fiber

Applications – Harsh application environments such as:

  • Oil platforms
  • Ships
  • Driverless trains
  • Semiconductor factories
  • Pipelines
  • Steel and power plants place extreme requirements on automation solutions in terms of temperature and moisture resistance, shock and vibration handling capacity.

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