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– Wide bandwidth – to daily wear, tear and impact: At only 82mm high and protected by a robust high impact radome the antenna is almost impervious to daily wear, tear and impact.

The 1019/1020 from Panorama offers excellent performance across a wide bandwidth. Mounted on a 400 x 400mm ground plane the 1020-4 covers public safety / LTE frequencies across 700 and 800MHz as well as all global cellular frequencies from 698-960 MHz and 1710-3800MHz making it an extremely versatile product.

The 1019/1020 is terminated with an SMA/m connector, but can be delivered with almost any connector. Standard length of the cable are 0,5m and 5m but we can deliver any length you like.


  • Optional cable length (standard 0,5m or 5m)
  • Optional connector (standard SMA/m)
  • Mounted on cabinet top(1019)
  • Mounted with wall mount bracket (1020)
  • 82mm high
  • Very robust design and construction

We at Recab have many years of experience in Anetnnas. We work with several suppliers to be able to offer a wide range of quality products. We are present in most industries and in some areas we are a leader. 

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