Applications where you need to get analog values, we at Recab have a number of different technologies. Some of these are ultrasound, inductive, contact sensors, laser sensors and complete measurement systems and measuring microscopes

There is also 3D camera technology and profile lasers. We are good at short distances and have good resolution from a few mm down to nm. Measurement of width, length, height, angles, area, radius, center position … and the list can be long.


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Spot Laser

Spot laser have two kind of spot characteristics, one is circular, and one is like a small line. Depending on the application one is better than the other.


Contact Sensors

Contact sensors need to have physical contact with the object. The pin inside the sensor are addressed so even if you lose power and move the sensor, the new position will be present when power is back. High accuracy for small difference in height.

Laser Micrometer

Laser Micrometer – Measurement: A scanning laser micrometer uses a rotating optical element to reflect or refract a laser beam through a measurement area and across the path of an object to measure.

Profile Laser

Profile laser project a larger line on the object so we can create a profile image. These systems are also supporting encoder so then we can create 3D image. With these data we can measure on different target and are not in need of external light