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Network Communication

Network Communication for your applications area.

– SFP Transceivers
– WiFi
– Unmanaged Switches
– Managed Switches
– Time Synchronisation
– Firewall
– Media Converters

Read or article about Radia Perman – The innovator of the STP Protocol. Radia Perman is also called
“The mother of Internet”, Perlman invented the spanning tree algorithm and the spanning tree protocol (STP). STP enables network bridges to locate loops in a local area network (LAN) which solved a challenging information routing problem.

We at Recab have many years of experience in Network communication. We work with several suppliers to be able to offer a wide range of quality products. We are present in most industries and in some areas we are a leader. We do not only offer routers of various kinds.

We have products, solutions & support for your daily business, find a selection of our offer below or read more about our Engineering capabilities 

Network Communication

SFP Transceivers


The SFP Transceivers is a small but a very important component of the communication chain. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use the switch suppliers’ own SFPs to guarantee full function.



WiFi: Our wireless networking products (WiFi) can be used to create a simple wireless access point or bridge, to advanced networks for mesh or fast roaming.

Unmanaged Switches

Unmanaged Switches_1

Unmanaged Switches: The simplicity without configuration requirements and the lower price have made this type of switch the most widely used in the industry.

Managed Switches

Managed switches

Managed switches offer a variety of functions that can be used for example to increase security, prioritize traffic or build redundancy in a network.

Time Synchronisation

Time syncronization

Time Synchronisation: Correct time at all nodes is important for troubleshooting etc. We support NTP, PTP and more in various enclosures and mounting options.



Extend your Ethernet network via a 2-wire copper cable over several kilometers. Up to 100 Mbit with VDSL technology.
Point to Point or Multi Drop / Ring solutions can be implemented.



The importance of secure networks and communication is growing every day, and there are new standards like IEC-62443 that your network needs to comply to. Use differnt types of firewalls to isolate and segment your network and use VPN when you need to communicate over non-secure connections.

Media Converters

Pic- Cat-Fiber Interface Repeaters -Hirschmann- Recab_

Convert between different industrial protocols with ease. Also use fibre cables to extend the distance and minimize the disturbance of the communication.