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20 April 2021 | Marketing, Technology

Who is: Radia Perlman
– The Mother of Internet

Did you know that there is an American engineer and mathematician who has been called "The Mother of Internet" thanks to her contribution to technology development?
Let Recab introduce you to Radia Perlman and read more about her inventions and contribution to todays technology.

Radia Perlman.STP Protocol. Recab.

Radia Perlman – “the Mother of Internet”
Radia Perlman is an American engineer and mathematician, who has been called “the mother of internet” thanks to her contribution to technology development.  

STP Protocol
Perlman invented the spanning tree algorithm and the spanning tree protocol (STP).  STP enables network bridges to locate loops in a local area network (LAN) which solved a challenging information routing problem.  

Perlmans Career
During her career Perlman has earned 80 patents and has written and co-written two textbooks. “Interconnections: Bridges, Routers, Switchers and Internet working Protocols” and “Network Security: Private Communication in a Public World.” Perlman has also taught courses at MIT, Harvard University and University of Washington.  

Perlman has also been described as pioneer of teaching young children computer programming. She developed a child-friendly version of the educational robotics language LOGO that was named TORTIS, “Toddlers Own Recursive Turtle Interpreter System”.  

Awards and Prices
Perlman has been honoured with various prices and awards over the years. In 2004 she won the award Inventor of the Year by the Silicon Valley Intellectual Property Law Association and was listed one of the 20 most influential people in information technology by Data Communications Magazine, in both its 20th and 25th anniversary editions.  

Perlman is currently working at Dell and is still contributing with her powerful knowledge to the world.  

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Text: Anna Lundgren
Picture: Wikipedia