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06 April 2021 | Marketing, Technology

Who is: Håkan Lans – Inventor of the STDMA navigation system

Did you know that the Swedish inventor Håkan Lans is the mastermind behind the STDMA navigation system that today is used to control the aircraft industry in order to prevent delays and shorten flight time? Let Recab introduce you to Håkan Lans and read more about his inventions and contribution to todays technology

Håkan Lans - inventor of the navigation system-STDMA


Håkan Lans – famous Swedish inventor
Håkan Lans is a very famous Swedish inventor who is the mastermind behind various important inventions. His interest in technology started early and his first construction was an engine-driven soapbox car at the age of twelve. A few years later, when Håkan was 18, he designed and build a mini submarine which was able to go down as deep as 90 meters below surface.

Camera with colour generator 
His inventions were noticed and when it was time for Lans to serve the military he served as a research assistant by the research facility. He came to work there for 10 years and during his time at the research centre he developed a very special camera with a colour generator to obtain a better picture. The camera couldetect things under water, for example mines. In 1979 the patent was approved and later Lans discovered that the colour generator also worked in a computer to obtain colour graphics.  

The STDMA navigation system 
Lans greatest and most important invention was a navigation system, the STDMA (Self-organizing Time Division Multiple Access) that is used all over the world today. This navigation system uses both GPS and radio to determine where the user and other users who use the system are. Thanks to this navigation system airplanes and ships can avoid collidingThe same system is also used to prevent delays within the aviation industry and to reduce flight time. 

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Text: Anna Lundgren
Picture: Wikipedia