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24 September 2020 | Products

Recab: Your leading partner in technological applications for measurements:

The COVID-19 virus has made it necessary to adopt precautionary and containment measures, leading to the technological applications, within control and monitoring systems Recab its know-how and its products for:

1_START_technological applications for measurements_1_Recab           3_START_technological applications for measurements_1_Recab

Technological applications for measurements:

  • People presence detection in front of a termoscanner
  • Hand detection in gel and liquid soap dispensers
  • Sanitization systems with ultraviolet lights
  • Access counting in open-to-the-public places
  • Contactless doors opening
  • Access control in machines for the production of surgical masks
  • Coils size control in machines for the production of surgical masks
  • Tissue continuity control in machines for masks manufacturing
  • Surgical masks enveloping


Detection_Thermoscanning-RecabBody_technological applications for measurements_1_Recab

The ultrasonic sensors

The ultrasonic sensors can be used to detect the presence of people, for example in front of termoscanners.
The goal of these tools is simple: to detect the body temperature of persons who intend to enter an open-to-public- place (bar, restaurant, cinema …), indicating the cases in which the temperature exceeds the safety limits.

In this way, customers will have the guarantee of a safe environment and will be able to visit the restaurant without any fear of their health. In the application described, the ultrasonic sensor of Micro Detectors it is installed in the upper part of the totem to locate the user in front of it, thus starting the temperature detection operation.

The ultrasonic products are based on one of the few technologies that operate independently of the shape and color of the object and is not influenced, for example, by the environment light.With the same system, this technology can therefore be implemented for those applications where it is necessary to identify the presence of people and monitor their inflow and/or outflow. Do you what more information about ultrasonic sensors, text us here

Sensors used in this application:
UK1 series -M18 cylindrical ultrasonic sensor UK1with Teach-In button

  • Models with adjustable digital output
  • Models with current or voltage analogue outputs
  • Working area adjusting (single point teach, standard window, adjustable hysteresis) by Teach-in button suitable for all models for a fast coming into work
  • Multifunction LED indicator: output state, echo presence, fw identification, teach block
  • Plastic or metallic (AISI 316L) housing, M12 plug exit and PVC cable



                                            UK1A/G*-**SY    UK1C/G*-**SY.     UK1D/G*-**SY.       UK1F/G*-**SY
Maximum sensing distance:
400 mm(1)         900 mm(2)            1.600 mm (2)          2.200 mm (2)

Minimum sensing distance:   50 mm                80 mm                   150 mm                 200 mm

Sensing range (Sd):            50…400 mm      80…900 mm          150…1.600 mm     200…2.200 mm

Beam angle:                              10° ± 2°             10° ± 2°                   15° ± 2°                   4° ± 2°

Switching frequency                 10 Hz                 4 Hz                         3 Hz                       2 Hz
– (digital output):

Temperature range:                                                    – 20°C…+ 70°C
Temperature compensation:                                                  X
Operating voltage:                                                          10 – 30 Vcc
Temperature drift:                                                                ± 2 %
Ripple:                                                                                     5%
Leakage current:                                                         10 μA @ 30 Vcc
Output voltage drop:                                            2.2 V max. (IL = 100 mA)
No-load supply current:                                                   ≤ 50 mA
Output current (digital output):                                        100 mA
Minimum load resistance:                                                 3 k Ω
  – (analog voltage output)
Set point adjustment:                                                 Teach-In button
Power on delay ≤ 300 ms:
Short-circuit protection:                                                      X  (autoreset)
Induction protection:                                                           X
Voltage reversal protection:                                                X
EMC:                                             Conforming to EMC Directive, according to EN 60947-5-2
Protection degree:                                               IP67 (EN60529) (3)
Housing material:                                        PBT/stainless steel AISI 316L
Active head material:                                          Epoxy-Glass resin
Tightening torque:                           1 Nm plastic housing / 50 Nm metallic housing
Weight plastic version: 70 g connector – 110 g cable – metallic version: 100 g connector – 170 g cable
Storage temperature:                                 – 35°C…+ 70° without freezing
LEDs green:                                                        echo – yellow: output

Hands detection in gel and liquid soap dispenser

Sensorns_Hands_detection_Recab 2_Sensorns_Hands_detection_Recab

The background suppression M18 photoelectric sensors without regulation (SS0 / SS1 series) or with regulation (FA BGS series) are among the most performing and efficient solutions for automated soap and sanitizing gel dispensers. In fact, background suppression allows the photoelectric sensor to operate independently of the color of the target object

This promotes, for example, correct detection of the hands placed under the dispenser, activating the release of the gel and / or liquid soap. Do you what more information about Hands detection in gel and liquid soap dispensers, text us here


Other possible civilian uses

2-SS_SS1_FA BGS sensors_Recab_detection_hands_SS_SS1_FA BGS sensors_Recab_

The SS0 / SS1 and FA BGS sensors can be used, in general, in all civil applications that require remote hand detection to be activated: taps and hair dryers installed in the bathrooms of premises, restaurants or motorway service areas. Do you what more information about ultrasonic sensors, text us here

Sensors used in this application:
FA BGS series
Photoelectric cylindrical sensors M18 direct diffuse with adjustable background suppression.

  • Up 300 mm adjustable reading distance
  • Cable or M12 plastic plug versions
  • Supply voltage 10…30 Vdc, output current 100 mA
  • LED light status indicator
  • IP67 protection degree
  • Complete protection against electrical damages
  • ATEX models, cat.3, available on request
  • Approvals: CE and cULus Listed


SS series
Photoelectric cylindrical sensors M18 DC with lateral adjustment

  • Models with side sens. adjustment on axial and right angle optic
  • LO/DO selectable output
  • ATEX models, cat. 3, available on request
  • LED status indicator for all versions
  • Complete protection against electrical damages
  • Approvals: CE and cULus listed



Sanitization systems with ultraviolet light

Refrigerators used in supermarkets, canteens or refreshment areas, can be sanitized by installing an ultraviolet lamp.
In fact, UV-C ultraviolet light is effective against most bacteria, germs and viruses. However, prolonged exposure by users can be harmful to health.

Therefore it is necessary to disable it in the presence of customers or operators. The cubic (QM series) or cylindrical (FA BGS series) and ultrasonic M18 (UK1 and UK6 series) sensors detect the presence of all those who park in front of the bench by temporarily deactivating the emission of UV-C rays.

Sensors_ultraviolet light_Recab_2.2_Sensors_ultraviolet light_Recab_

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