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03 August 2020 | Technology

Smart industrial vision solutions

Cameras can be used in many applications in an industrial setting. When harnessed with the power of today’s computing technology, they can provide manufacturers with fast, accurate data and insights.


Typically, industrial cameras fall into three main categories within the segment Smart industrial vision solutions :

1) Simple, sensor-like cameras
Some applications just require simple visuals to aid quality control. These cameras are easy to use and configure. They are often used for inline measurement systems, where a camera has a single function, such as checking whether parts or cables are in the correct position. The cameras act like sensors, and provide end-users with a simple ‘Yes/No’ functionality. The simplicity of these applications means the cameras do not need further intelligence built in.

2) Smart camera systems
Where more complexity is required within the application, ‘smart’ cameras can be configured that might provide data on several different functions. This allow users to do more analysis based on the results provided. These cameras have computing intelligence built-in, and therefore can provide independent, sophisticated data without requiring connection to external PCs.

Smart camera set-ups usually involve multiple cameras connected to the same controller, so data can be captured from all the cameras and then combined. By shooting from different angles, these cameras can capture low-resolution, high resolution, and 3D measurements in a broad range of applications.

Smart cameras are often used in the automotive industry. They provide quality control when sensors do not have the capacity or the power to check if measurements are correct. But their versatility and computing power means smart cameras are often the best choice for a broad range of applications across many different vertical markets.

3) PC vision
If the application is more complicated still, the smart camera hardware might not be able to produce the required data. In these scenarios, computers are used to provide the intelligence, and the camera simply provides the function it has been designed for.

PC Vision gives organizations a vast range of options in terms of the cameras, but gives them challenges when it comes to integration and programming. High quality, cost-effective cameras with specific functions can be selected to meet the demands of any application. For harsh outdoor environments in industries such as military or surveillance there are robust cameras. Some applications also require hardware to meet tough certification standards that might preclude the use of smart cameras.

Recab: Experts in Vision
At Recab, it is our job to help customers navigate through the choice of vision system. By acknowledging their needs and requirements we provide them with the right hardware for their application.

Over the years we have developed business relationships with some of the best suppliers of industrial camera hardware there is, such as Keyence and Imperx.. Our relationships with these suppliers are long-standing. There through our team have great knowledge and understanding of  the smart camera solutions they provide.

Where PC Vision solutions are required, we can choose from further leading specialist industrial camera suppliers such as JAI and The Imaging Source, along with many others.

We are proud of our relationships with the most innovative technology companies on the market. Coupled with our industry-leading experience and knowhow, it means that Recab can pinpoint a customer’s exact needs. And there through deliver cost-effective bespoke vision solutions to fit any brief.

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