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Keyboards for all industrial environments -Printec DS 86T-ES

Sustainable keyboards are important in industrial environments. Depending on your specific task and environment, we present a selection of our range. We can offer, among other things: Stainless steel keyboards, stainless steel trackballs, drawer keyboards (for 19” rack), keyboards made of plastic for industrial use among others.

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Programmable keyboards for industrial use – IP 65

Plastic keyboards, impress with their light, and very robust design. Protected against dust and splash water, with various integrated mouse functions and, if required, even shielded. Protection class IP 65. Regardless of whether for industrial, public or military applications, whether on land, water or in the air, we offer you the right input solution for every application.

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Industrial PC – Rugged solutions that are built to last

Many organizations across diverse vertical markets are faced with a choice over the type of computing set-up they need to optimize their operations. Often, this comes down to whether they can achieve their goals using commercially-available PCs and equipment, or whether it is better to invest in an industrial computing solution.

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