Vision System & Smart Sensors

Vision System & Smart Sensors for your applications area. Below you find a selection for your daily business – Let our experts guide you for the best and most effective solutions for you.

🔶 Appearance Inspection – Inspect targets for scratches, dirt, burrs, and flaws – Electronic Components – Automotiv – Non-Woven Materials – Food and packaging

🔶 Positioning – Verifies and outputs the coordinates (XY) and angle of targets for positioning and alignment applications – Electric Vehicle Components – ADAS Components – 2D Vision Guided Robotics – 3D Vision Guided Robotics

🔶 Dimensional Measurement – Perform dimensional measurements to calculate width and distance as well as geometric measurements to calculate lines, circles, and intersection points – Electronics – Medical – Food and Packaging

🔶 Presence/Absence – Perform inspections for target presence, missing components, and differences between other products – Electronic Assembly – Electronic Components – Automotive Assembly – Food and Packaging

🔶Text and 1D/2D Barcode Inspection – Read text and 1D/2D barcodes on a target and output the results as text strings – PCB Verification – Food and Packaging – Automotive – Pharmaceutical

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Vision systems

Machine vision systems rely on digital sensors protected inside industrial cameras with specialized optics to acquire images, so that computer hardware and software can process, analyze, and measure various characteristics for a variety of different types of detection.

Smart – sensors

Smart Sensors generate and receive data and the information. They enable substantial increases in efficiency, are more flexibility, and better planning security for predictive plant maintenance.

Vision Systems Accessories

Vision Systems Accessories – Machine vision lighting comes in many shapes, each producing certain illumination effects. This list covers the most common light shapes used in the industry.