Laser Sensors

A laser sensor uses a “laser” to emit light in a straight line. Its visible beam spot makes alignment and positioning very easy.Since the light beam is focused, the sensor can be installed without worries about stray light. A light beam is emitted from the light emitting element (laser) in the transmitter and is received with the light receiving element in the receiver.

Recab offers a variety of different types of laser sensors including reflective, thrubeam and retro-reflective models.

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Keyence LV-S Series – Available in Sweden & Norway

The LV-S series by Keyence is a series of ultra-small digital laser sensors. Due to their compact sizes, these sensors are suited for applications with space limitations. This series of laser sensors include reflective, thrubeam…

Keyence LV-N Series – Available in Sweden & Norway

The LV-N series by Keyence is a series of multi-purpose digital laser sensors. The LV-N models feature a visible beam spot and sensor options powerful enough to blast up to 8m. These features offer increased…

Keyence LR-Z Series – Available in Sweden & Norway

The LR-Z series by Keyence is a series of self-contained CMOS laser sensors. The LR-Z's unique U.C.D. Function allows for stable detection of clear, metallic, or dark targets. This series can also detect purely based…