Fiberoptic Sensors

The Fiberoptic Sensors has an optical fiber connected to a light source to allow for detection in tight spaces or where a small profile is beneficial.  Tough contrast changes, small targets, and long distances are no issue.

We offer a broad line of fibre units such as:

    • Flexible Stainless Steel Jacket
    • Wide Area Detection
    • Hex-shaped Heads for Trouble-free Mounting
    • Heat resistant
    • Small Beam Spot
    • Thin-sleeve Thrubeams

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Keyence FU Series – Available in Sweden & Norway

The FU series by Keyence includes a high variety of sensor heads for fibre optic sensors. Complete line of fibre units from Unbreakable Fibre, Long-distance and small spot. We are happy to help you find…

Keyence FS-N40 Series – Available in Sweden & Norway

The FS-N40 series by Keyence is a series of digital fiber optic sensor amplifiers. Because of the built-In indicators of these sensors allows for a quick status or alignment check. The OLED display is easy…

Keyence FS-N Series – Available in Sweden & Norway

The FS-N series by Keyence is a series of digital fibre optic sensor amplifiers. This series bring an entirely new concept in setup ease. All it takes is one click to calibrate the sensitivity and…