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Hirschmann OWL LTE M12 – LTE Ethernet Gateway

Hirschmann OWL LTE M12 – LTE Ethernet Gateway:
Transportation EN50155 Cellular Router and Gateway. Optimized for 4G applications with edge pre-computing. VPN and openly programmable and extendable Linux. VRRP for router redundancy. Dead reckoning for GPS even inside tunnels. Enable high-speed wireless connectivity and remote access in the varying environmental conditions found across railway and public transportation applications.

The OWL LTE M12 is a single box cellular router with a rich set of features that provide wireless connectivity, internet and remote access solutions to transportation settings using high-speed cellular technologies and embedded GPS functionality.


  • Fast wireless connectivity and reliable remote access – provide the best wireless experience and manage networks remotely through fast and reliable wireless cellular technologies, including LTE, UMTS/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS/EDGE technologies.
  • Optimal performance – achieve high network availability in harsh environmental settings with this ruggedly-designed, feature-rich cellular router.
  • Easy to configure and customize – install and adjust this device with minimal product knowledge. It’s open LINUX platform also allows for advanced customization.

Applications This industrial cellular router is ideal for any application where high-speed wireless and reliable remote access are critical, despite exposure to harsh industrial conditions. It offers specific value in the railway and public transportation sectors.

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Hirschmann OWL LTE M12 Datasheet


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