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Industrial cellular router (4G LTE) + WiFi (802.11n)

AirWan is a cellular router (4G LTE) equipped with a dual-band WiFi interface (2.4 / 5 GHz), a GNSS interface (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou), 1 Giga Ethernet and 1 Fast Ethernet ports. It is designed for industrial applications (industry 4.0) and mobility (buses, vehicles …).


M2M and IIoT : A  wireless WiFi & 4G/LTE gateway, AirWan provides remote access to all your industrial equipment (maintenance, non-critical application control, process monitoring, etc.) and sends field data to the cloud (sensor data, remote I/O feedback, image/video capture, etc.).
Its “Fast Roaming” feature (<30ms) combined with its ability to automatically switch between WiFi and 4G/LTE ensures perfect continuity of operation and makes it ideal for all types of mobile applications.


Mobility : AirWan is equipped with high-speed wireless technologies for transmitting data to and from vehicles. For bus applications, AirWan makes it possible to pool all data streams (SAE, ticketing, PIS, CCTV…) on a single router. Its WiFi roaming capabilities (<30 ms) ensure continuous data transmission as buses move to the depot. Its automatic switching capabilities between WiFi and 4G ensure service continuity when they go into operation. AirWan allows vehicles tracking with its GNSS feature. It is also rugged (shock and vibration proof), E-marked ECE R10 and maintenance-free.


Administration and product monitoring : can be achieved directly from a web browser or from WaveManager, the centralized administration software provided by ACKSYS. Besides, its advanced routing and filtering functions make it easy to deploy large fleets of vehicles.