Laser Micrometer

Laser Micrometer – Measurement: A scanning laser micrometer uses a rotating optical element to reflect or refract a laser beam through a measurement area and across the path of an object to measure.

Laser Micrometer – Measurement: The part obstructs the laser light, creating a shadow that persists for a time proportional to the size of the part and therefore allows a variety of measurements to be made.

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Keyence LS-9000 Series – Available in Sweden & Norway

The LS-9000 series by Keyence is a High-accuracy Optical Micrometers. The built-in monitor CMOS sensor recognizes target tilting and automatically corrects measured values according to the detected angle.

Keyence IG-Series High-Accuracy Measurements – Available in Sweden & Norway

The IG-Series by Keyence is a series of multi-purpose CCD laser micrometers. The laser micrometers are equipped with position monitors which makes it easier to align the optical axis.