At Recab we adapt our products for your needs, so that you do not have to customize your application according to what products are available.

Some only need to measure e.g. at a single point at regular intervals, log it measurement data and later print them out for further analysis or control.
Others needs continuous monitoring of e.g. temperature, voltage, current, energy etc. in many measuring points simultaneously. Whatever your data collection needs are, we have a Data loggers solution for you!
below you find a selection within LAN/WIRELESS/GSM

You are very welcome to get in touch with us early in the idea processing – our application engineers and products specialists are here to help you find the optimal solution for you. Below we present an extensive selection of our product offering


Tinytag probes and accesories

Tinytag probes comes in many shapes and cable length. The probes are divided into 3 groups, Thermistor(which is the normal probe), PT-100 where high temperatures are required, and PT1000 where extreme low temperature is to…

Tinytag outdoor wireless data loggers – Available in Denmark

Tinytag Rugged, industrial/outdoor radio data logger system. System is easy to install.

Tinytag LAN data loggers – Available in Denmark

Tinytag LAN data loggers works through your network. Here they measurements such as temperature and humidity to the Connect software

Tinytag indoor wireless dataloggers – Available in Denmark

Tinytag indoor wireless dataloggers - Big and versatile program that gives a overview of the production plant or your warehouse.

Onset Wireless sensors – Available for Denmark

Wireless sensors from Onset with long distance communication. Sensors for measuring temperatur, humidity, wind, rain, light, Leaf wetness, soil moisture and others

Onset Smart Sensors – Available in Denmark

Smart sensors from Onset will automatically identify itself for the logger and setup the channel correct. Sensors for measuring temperatur, humidity, wind, rain, light, Leaf wetness, soil moisture and others

Onset RX210x series (GSM) – Available in Denmark

Versatile data logger for outdor / indoor data logging. 5 inputs for smarts sensors and possibility for up to 50 wireless sensors. GSM communication

Hobo Onset – RX300x Remote Monitoring Station – Available in Denmark

RX 300x series is a data logger which can be used in many different applications. With 10 inputs for smartsensors, and up to 8 channels analog inputs is support most sensors you can think of.…