Energy data loggers are used to identify energy cost-savings opportunities and lower the utility bills.

Energy loggers must be easy to use, and be able to measure over a long period of time.

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Tinytag TGE-000x energy data loggers – Available in Denmark

Tinytag Energy data loggers - Energy logger kit to monitor single and three-phase power supplies. Easy to use and 3 different flexible coils to choose from

Tinytag probes and accesories

Tinytag probes comes in many shapes and cable length. The probes are divided into 3 groups, Thermistor(which is the normal probe), PT-100 where high temperatures are required, and PT1000 where extreme low temperature is to…

Dent ElitePro XC energy data logger – Available in Denmark

Dent Elite Pro XC Portable power data logger - Complete and accurate solution for measurng on 3 phase systems.