Data loggers

Some only need to measure e.g. at a single point at regular intervals, log it measurement data and later print them out for further analysis or control.
Others needs continuous monitoring of e.g. temperature, voltage, current, energy etc. in many measuring points simultaneously. Whatever your data collection needs are, we have a Data loggers solution for you!

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Below we present an extensive selection of our product offering.
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Weather sensors

R.M Young Weather sensors – are known on the market for delivering high quality products within the field of metrological sensors.


Energy data loggers are used to identify energy cost-savings opportunities and lower the utility bills.


Product for indoor measurements, such as temperature, humidity and Co2 levels.


At Recab we adapt our products for your needs, so that you do not have to customize your application according to what products are available.


The Outdoor data logger is used to monitor many kinds of situations – temperature & humidity, but also value like rain, wind, soil moisture ect…

Water quality

The Water quality data loggers can measure water depth, O2, PH, Temperature, Salinity and other values.